Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go where you fear

Have you ever found yourself saying "I hate this or I hate that?"
Look there
Have you met someone you have a strong reaction to?
look there
Are there things you say you will never do or try?
look there
Have you ever said "I do not like her."?
look there
Fear is a mirror to look in to
what is it that you really reflect?
what is it that you really feel?
What is it that you are vehement about that this is not for you?
Look there

Fear closes doors, erects walls
closes us up tight
from real growth

Look there


  1. reminds me of a Rumi poem.
    So true.

    But do I hafta? (whiney kid voice)

  2. mmm very thought-provoking. And very true--it's the hard work that enriches our lives and nourishes our souls.

  3. Oh, I said, "I don't like her." I was referring to a new lady in my pilates class. I was talking to my daughter on the phone last night. She let me "rant on" for a while and then said, "Mom what was that one word resolution you choose for yourself?" ACCCEPTANCE. Gulp. She laughed and reminded it was early in the year and I still have lots of time to work on it. So today is another day of challenges.

  4. Beautiful words !
    And what a touching story about Handsome.

    Have a nice evening,

  5. No Bethany you don't have to...but woudn't it be nice if you wanted to
    Purplehatartist...not hard work once you know what it is you really's liberating actually
    we think we know what really bothers us...
    Sylvia...I think it is beautiful to face what we really fear..Oh Handsome...still limping on three legs today...he's really hurting..but he's one stubborn cat...loves his free or die I think is his motto

  6. Dogwood...You daughter must of had one smart mother to have raised one like her....and to feel free to remind you...good work..and she is right...

  7. Well written without any preaching undertones...just good wisdom said with love.
    Hope you are feeling better!
    Mary Ann

  8. Blue Sky Dreaming..why thank no preaching...and always with love
    I am feeling better..just a cough remains...You have Pablo, I have Arthur
    lucky medicine..I liked your browns by the way...

  9. This is beautiful. Is this your work? It is so poetic. And true. You're a deep one Miss Suz.

  10. Jenny ..Sometimes too deep
    that's why I need joy
    and beauty
    yes my words...I've always wanted to be a poet thanks

  11. Hi Sara!
    where have you been?

  12. Hi Suz :)

    I have been very busy with work and therefore going to bed very early, which unfortunately totally cuts into my blog-surfing time! Hopefully it will quiet down soon!

    I am just thankful to have the afternoon OFF today to be lazy and relax and catch up! I missed your sweet words of inspiration! You never fail to make me stop and think a little deeper about something.

  13. I love this - so true, but so simply and beautifully put. Condensed wisdom. Wonderful.


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