Friday, January 15, 2010

When Susie met Mary

How much my life has changed since I began saying yes to it.

I was happy.
But how different that is to living.

Today is one of those gloomy winter days. Blah
So I said yes..I went out to breakfast with my good friend Mary. I can tell her anything. She is a vault....a good listener.
But this was a fun meeting.  Fun...nothing like it.
We caught up on what was happening with our kids. Ended by saying we have no power there. Our husbands have been friends for over 30 years...even less power there.
We are mellowed friends.
The waitress started to put these two huge plates of pancakes heaped high with strawberries and whipped cream in front of us...then realized that they belonged to the two women behind Mary.
Poor Mary she almost got whiplash following those pancakes. We both laughed like school girls. "I'll have what she's having " I said  ( hey..almost as good as sex!)

"Camera!" I said searching through my purse.
"She's going to make you famous.. Mary said...she's got a blog and she's going to put a picture of that on her blog!" ( Mary made it sound like I had a weapon)
I forgot my  camera!
The women laughed as much as we did.
We lost count of how many cups of coffee the waitress poured us...each time sharing a laugh with us.
Finally the two pancake chics got up and came over to us and we talked for another 10 minutes about having girlfriends.



  1. oh, i love this story, and the pancakes (whiplash!). So fun and silly and wonderful.
    i need to say yes to one thing this weekend. I need to make my self. I've been saying no for 20 years and missing out on so much.
    thank you for the reminder.

  2. There is nothing like it in the world=GIRLFRIENDS! I love my girlfriends and would do anything for them as they would for me. I cherish the relationships~the fun~the laughing~the teasing~the sharing~the crying...I could go on and on but you "get it" I know you do!

    Off to the ballet! Fun. Love my SF life. I will be dancing around the house tomorrow! Pictures...oh, no.

  3. That was a great post! I could just see those yummy pancakes. Love the "When Harry Met Sally" references.

  4. Bethany...."Tomorrow's life is too late. Live today"
    I would say...Say yes say yes...unabashedly yes
    Let your life be doors thrown open!
    Oh please sweetie...don't say no and miss out...go go go and have fun (unless it's illegal...I'm a mom..Ican't help it)
    So much of my life I said no..because.....I'm busy,I'm tired,I'm too fat,I don't have clothes,I cant I can't I can't can't.....
    NO NO NO.....say yes and live

  5. Dogwood..That's what I told Mary today...Women need girlfriends!
    One of the other women showed us one of the rings she was wearing around her neck..."Oh, I said..that many marriages?" SHe cracked but this one was my husband's...size 15he was a large man...I thought Mary's eyeballs were going to bug right out of her head! hahaha Enjoy the ballet!

  6. Girlfriend, you're the best. I can still see those mountains of whipped cream floating past our table....mmm.
    And, during our fits of laughter, I wonder how many turned to smile, and wished they had what we did!
    Celebrate Girlfriends every day. They are the whipped cream of life.

  7. Why Mary....:-) !!! good to see you

    April...but 30 of them!! hehe

  8. Goldenbird...What a great movie that was! I think I'll watch it tomorrow

  9. There is nothing in this world that can replace a good friend, something my husband will never understand. Oh well, his loss.
    The older I get, the more I appreciate them, their sameness, their difference, it is as essential to life as air and water.
    Great post!


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