Friday, January 29, 2010

Galena...I'm coming

Tomorrow it's off to Galena...the place of my heart..the place that always calls me..the place I'm sad to leave. Haven't been there since October...can you believe time for some place so important.
I hope the deer and wild turkeys and various other wildlife are still there. Oh and the ferral kitties that my Swedish neighbor feeds...I hope they are well. My neighbor is a good elderly good soul...she has the kindest heart and way about her. How would those kitties survive without her kind heart?
This will be a fast house check...we have to be back on Sunday night. Besides I have my own wards to look after here.
In case you are wondering...Handsome is sort of making a recovery. It's been rough. I know, because he sleeps in his house all night...something he doesn't do. His foot seems to have gotten better, he can walk on it with a limp. But his poor eye is swollen shut and is oozing. He doesn't seem to be able to eat. I have been giving him warm milk and water and some warm canned cat food..which he tries to eat. Oh how I want to get him in. I swear if he makes it through this..I will trap him and take him in to at least get fixed. I will have one shot at it...if I fail..or spook him...I know He will feel betrayed and may not come back. But this winter has just been so bad for him. ..and me
Anyway, that is why I don't feel bad about coming home so soon. The house will understand.
 It will be happy to see don't believe me, do you? Well, I'm telling you..this house has a presence about it...honest.

Last weekend...Soxfest....that's a White Sox Fan was fun. I'm not really that kind of fan..but I knew my guy...Bill Melton ..would be it was fun stalking the place to get a look....and I did! and a signed ball!   He's old like me..older...I hope anyway.
and memorable song..and I sat next to a beast of a woman...but it was a fun night out with friends..and I always love the theater

But tomorrow....I go where I am called

then home again on Sunday where I am needed.
and of course...delayed art work again
and writing...delayed..
what's a girl to do? Okay...begin again

Oh...did I tell you a huge red fox ran out of my evergreens in the backyard this morning? did...


  1. i know you are having a wonderful weekend. Did you bring your valentine supplies with you? hehe And how exciting that signed ball (even though i know nothing about baseball). and.....oh...Handsome.

  2. We've borrowed your "begin again" mantra this week, several times over, I hope you don't mind. Funny how much hope we look for in January, and somehow it manages to be such a messy month. Love, be well!

  3. Oh, goodie you get to get away for a few days to you hide-away. I am in Grass Valley and loving it. I have all the feeders filled and watching the birds gobble up the seeds with a smile.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful dear neighbor.

    Glad to hear about Handsome.

  4. I do hope Handsome will be better soon !
    Nice Sunday,

  5. I didn't bring my supplies.."someone" doesn't like it when I have my nose in something else when he is there...can't change an old goat..I mean dog..I mean...well you know what I mean
    Cottage Child (woman) You can take what ever you want...I give freely got away too! Yes our nieghbor is a sweetie..but I see she has change how she feeds everyone..she can't do stair anymore..and her husband had a stroke..but she still gives to these animals...!! Handsome is better..but when we got home he was wheezing..not good..he is trying to eat a bit of chicken and warm milk...his eye is better and he barely limps..poor kitty
    Sylvia..thank you for caring about my old rascal cat, Handsome. I didn't think he would make it last maybe he will this winter...he has a hard home..but mine..and he is afraid of it

  6. "well, it did" made me smile.
    You are sweet as pie.
    Hope Handsome is okay. Poor boy. I hope you can get him and get him to the vet. So frustrating.
    You are doing your best though. Hope the house welcomed you warmly.
    Lovely writing.
    Home again now, I see.

  7. Can you get him some antibiotics to put in his food maybe?

  8. Aww poor Handsome, I hope he gets better soon. My parent's fat cat Moby fell out of a tree a couple weeks ago and had a bad concussion. He had to lay low for a solid couple of weeks before really getting back to normal. *sigh* Animals!

    Anyway, I hope you have (had) a wonderful, peaceful, soul restoring weekend in Galena :)

    Excited to hear about it!

  9. Bethany can I get antibiotics on the street? cause I don't think the vet will give them for a cat he doesn't know.!!!
    Sara..your poor mom's kitty..I think a squirrel must have mugged cat falls out of a tree do they? I she declawed?
    Handsome did eat some chicken when we got home ..but favored the warm milk..he still lifts his paw and his eye...well I might have to rename him Popeye...he's not looking good there..
    and tonight the possum took over his house and was hissing at him...
    boy oh wonder I'm worried about my "path" sure has taken some non susie turns lately
    Yes Galena was welcoming...and the wolf moon was the best on the glistening snow and dark moon lit woods...loved it..didn't want to come home...
    Thanks everybody for caring about old Handsome

  10. Hey Suz,
    If you have a good relationship with your vet and explain the situation I would think he might help out a stray cat?
    Just a thought. Can't hurt to ask?
    I could see if we had any extra at the shelter if you think it's something you want to do.

  11. Bethany ...I haven't seen him
    I will ask the shelter near us and our vet...maybe just are right...

  12. Are you talking about Galena, IL? We went there last year, it is such a pretty little town. I love all the shops.


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