Monday, February 1, 2010

Native Americans had names for most full moons. The first full moon in January was called the Wolf Moon.

The Wolf Moon in Galena was beautiful.
I sat in the dark and stared out the window as hubby slept. It was like a bright lantern in the sky illuminating the dark bare woods. 
The woods didn't look so dense in this wash of light. I hoped I would see deer strolling in this heavenly light...but no not a one.
The night was a still as death.
 Death. I have dreamdt of death lately and it sort of haunts me. Grief in me has gained a comfortable abides in a quiet place...deep dark quiet... like these woods.
But this wolf moon has stirred something very deep. They say the wolf moon is a time for a gathering of family...hungry wolves howled at scarce they depended on each other for survival.

This was a time for me for silence
for sitting by the fire of myself
as winter howled around me and in me...
The first full moon of January is also called Cold moon, quiet moon, snow moon
yes,all of that

I guess it wasn't  the moon
but the woods..the laid bare woods
empty woods
Empty....what a powerful word

 Food for our souls and beings
 is scare in the time of deep winter
 Family is so important
for us humans also

Let's howl
let's howl at the moon
watch our breath drift upward


  1. very beautiful words here-- conjuring up visual images

  2. Yes, Let's howl at the moon...okay maybe a few phone calls, emails etc...
    These are beautiful words to rich soul searching seems like visiting your Galena was special in all ways this winter weekend.

  3. A couple of months ago Brian at Five Branch Tree posted a poem by Allisa Valles that included the line, "Let's open this bottle of wine and spit at the moon."
    Your last line reminded me of that sentiment. I really love it. The full moon was indeed beautiful this month.

    My word verification is "damit" today!

  4. Wolf moon. That is so cool along with cold, quiet and snow!

    January is always an interesting and challenging month. The slower, quieter pace after the business of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Family, oh dear sweet family.

  5. Layers,I feel like Boro..rags and tatters made useful..enduring...rusty,peeling..made over..abiding
    I liked your post

    Blue Sky...I just bet you are one who would follow me to the coucil fire and howl..your soul searching is revealed in your artwork..of course we would be well dressed..thank you for your kind words
    M.Heart..I can't tell you what your comments mean to me...I have heard coyotes howl...its mournful...yes, I think you are right..they are spitting..But I'm not sure I would waste good wine..I will have to look up that poem...I think I need its deepness sunshine today..yes pack..The other names are interesting aren't they...?
    Elena...strange you should pick up pretty....yes, the moon was...
    but there was so much more

  6. Incredible images. I haven't seen the moon because of the heavy clouds, but I can imagine it through your words.
    How is Handsome?

  7. Miki Willa ..thanks for your nice words..I hope you saw the moon through my words...that is good...Handsome is hanging in there...had to compete with a possum for his food last night..Haven't seen him this morning..I am hoping he comes here before night...I heard him wheez again...poor old rascal..thanks for caring about an old ferral cat..

  8. Love that photo. I heard something about the wolf moon several days ago but forgot all about it. I'd never heard that phrase before. Your words are beautiful as always. Dreaming about death ... could symbolize a transformation, and a positive one at that.

  9. Only a small peek very early over the ocean of the Wolf Moon here. You could feel it's brightness, but the cold and fog were thick.
    I loved this post I could see you standing at the window, before going to to bed through your words. Very visual.

  10. Loving the image there lady... as I'm working on a series of the full moons and the different native tribal stories... totally connect to this ...

  11. Goldenbird....I needed to hear that...why did I not see that? Thank you! yes..I am going through that

    Laura..I would love to see those! The moon holds a power over me in some way..I am fascinated by it everytime I see it...especially when I forget it and then see it is is always the it

  12. Beautiful writing.
    I am howling with you Suz.


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