Monday, February 22, 2010

Scratching away
at the snow covered feeder
I wonder
if the Purple finch
dreams of summer
Or is his thought
only of today
getting to the seed first
this early morning
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  1. A trio of winter views and words. The beauty has been found yet my heart goes out to the bird and his effort for can be hard.

  2. yes and I need beauty for my winter survival
    Just when you look at her as an old hag
    she shows up wearing a ball gown of white! and we are lured her way again!

  3. As well as appreciating your bird's contrasting thoughts, I like the curves in your picture: the hook of the feeder and the opposing curves of the bent stems. Nifty!

  4. huh...hadn't notived that Lesa!
    Do birds have an awareness of seasons...or do they just show up?

  5. So sweet. I love birds. I hope that cutie has a warm home to retun to after eating his seeds.

    The snow is lovely. Really.

  6. Hey Suz! With limited amount of space in their little noggins, I suspect birds thrive mostly on instinct. And, as with other animals, if they're afraid, fear can take over (forever, seems like) and they run away. We have the tamest rabbits in our yard. The dogs have learned to avoid them and, recently we found a rabbit inside our Red's kennel, eating his food as if we were running a buffet. Of course, Red was not "at home" at the time! We talk to the rabbits when we're walking by. Over the years we've discovered that talking seems to calm them. They trust us, or maybe they think we're not trying to sneak up on them which, of course, we're not. Living in the country has its own amusements, doesn't it!

  7. I was glad to see this finch..they have been absent for weeks....someone else must have better seed!

  8. I hadn't thought of it that way when I see a bird at the feeder, but now you have me wondering...

  9. But, where did my robins go, with all this snow?!


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