Monday, February 8, 2010

My son turned 35 on Saturday. how could this have happened so quickly? He was the funniest little boy you could ever hope to meet. Loved by everyone. Still is.
He has always loved  During college years,home on break..he left me a note one morning.."Me and Bill are off to Hawaii. I'll call."  That's him...a risk taker.
I guess that's why he decided to start his own company and move to California
...I mean..move to the beach.
He married the most wonderful woman in the world for him...for anyone. She dreams with him.
I wish I would have had some of his free spirit growing up....but he was born that way..from the very toe over the line...always pushing past his comfort zone....I love that about him.
A dream follower.
A risk taker
A believer in himself

a good son.....


  1. Beautiful sentiments, so beautifully written and so full of love that I can feel it!

    Happy birthday to him and congratulations to you for giving birth to such a lovely son.

  2. Happy Birthday to your boy! He and my boy share a characteristic: they're courageous risk-takers. One day our Chris announced that he and two of his friends were flying to Hollywood to work on a screen play. Ever written a play? No. Flown all the way across the country? No. Have extra money in case there were problems? No. Happily, it was a good experience and he learned a lot. I didn't...I'm still a chicken!

  3. Happy birthday to your son. He sounds like the wonderful man his mama raised him to be.

  4. Elena..thanks..something else we have in common
    Susannah..he was my second and only 18 months younger than my daughter...I thought I would go nuts...but I survived and they thrived.. thanks for hearing the love!
    Oh Lesa...How funny is that...what made him think screenwriter? Boys got guts
    Goldenbird..thanks...he is one loveable son...and has given me the cutest grandchildren

  5. Great photo and happy birthday to him !

  6. How proud you are, and you should be! What a nice little family. Happy birthday to a wonderful son!

  7. oh, he is adorable. He just glows. Like you. I'm sure you had something to do with his wonderfulness, zest for life, risk taking, dreaming energy!


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