Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walking up the stairs of my daughter's house,doing my good mother deed,I happened to take a wee glance down at my feet, and the shock of what I saw nearly sent me flying onto her porch swing!
Green, I tell you! Green! My whole being has been starvin for a shot of any color that isn't on a street sign or fire hydrant....and I'm sick of "winter color"...let's stop kidding ourselves...they're just dried up old plants! Dead...d.e.a.d..!!
But this....is living.... Green....oh, it is almost March isn't it? And she does live in Chicago! ... must be enchantment of the wee people....
 Finn! That's Irish!  .....must be the magic of the wee child!
Oh, I don't care whose enchantment it is...I'm lovin it! Loving it!
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  1. Spring is coming! You'll soon be nourished by new growth, blossoms and birdsong.

  2. You're so funny, Suz! Thanks for your comment and for remembering Apollo's name ... he asked if he could sleep on my table, so I let him!

  3. OH! The will to live. It's beautiful! See how the energy from it's leaves have melted the snow around it?
    We can do anything, this is proof.
    Hang in there, Little Ivy.
    Suz will be checking on you....

  4. It is there. Between snow falls there are patches of ground under the tree where the ground cover is starting to turn green. But it's buried again. But I know it's there...waiting.

  5. It's almost here...Spring that is! I so like seeing the early blossoms...!

  6. It's wonderful to see some green. It won't be long now before its spring! :-)

  7. Hi-ho! Green, oh lovely green. I like your photo even though I absolutely hate that plant-ivy. It is truly the only plant that I can say that I do not like. Oh well, it is pretty against the white snow.

    Smiles to you.

  8. Hate ivy? hmmm.....would love to know why! In the right place it is wonderful

  9. Truth be told. It gives me a rash like a poison oak rash. Good reason. Scratch, scratch.

  10. Ivy gives a rash? Sufferin succatash...I had poison oak once....like being in hell....with out hope of every getting out...but Ivy? I will think of you every time I walk her steps..poor thing


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