Thursday, February 18, 2010

rush rush rush

Lately that's seems to be my method of operation....rush
But I did manage to get my nails done yesterday
and I did lose 4 lbs this morning..well not this morning...I weighed myself this morning...down 4 whole pounds
It only goes to show that when you are deliberate in what you do
you enjoy results
now if I can only figure out a way to get back exercising
can't fit in a pilates classs...wrong times
not yoga either
I will work on that one is an essential practice
but for's flying out the door to see Finn...he weighs 13 lbs now!
I do walk him in the stroller..
does that count...I wonder?


  1. Walking Finn absolutely counts. All that smiling and gazing adoringly in to the stroller ... burns many calories I'm sure!

  2. Congrats for the loss of the pounds. Great. Don't you love the scale when it shows a lower weight!

    Any movement counts. I love pilates, walking and hiking.

    I have only had my nails done once and was right out in the garden so not worth it. But oh a good massage...bring it on!

  3. congrats!!!!
    of course walking in the stroller counts.
    i implore you to get a pedometer. it will change your life. i have moved so much more since i got one.
    just walk walk walk.
    Go Suz!
    Enjoy your boy today.

  4. I think Bethany is following me! Hehehe.

  5. Dogwood....turn around and say hello..she's nice!
    I think I will get one of those it 10000 steps? I think my son tried to talk me into one...may have even gotten me one!?!?!? hmmm glad it counts..but oh my all he did today was sleep on me while I watch HGTV...Oh and he smiled right at me Too!
    Cory..I do the you?

  6. Reformer just some of the time. I usually do the mat classes. I like them the best and the mat classes are cheaper than the reformer.

    Have you ever tried the Gyrotonics machine? It is wonderful but even more expensive than all other classes.

    That is it for now...

    Sure wish you could join Stacy and me on Saturday. We are sneaking off to a Craft and Quilt show.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! It's the walking...keep up the good work.

    Sorry I missed your last post..I was doing the Artist Way reading deprivation. But you know I had to comment on the biker post. I laughed because I always notice people watching us when we're on the road having lunch. I guess we are happy and loud and the thrill of the ride is still stuck to us. And you got all the details just right. It was a cool perspective to see "the other side". I'll keep it in mind when I see someone watching...

  8. I love that.. "when you are deliberate in what you do, you enjoy results" :)

    Congrats on the four pounds woo hoo!!


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