Wednesday, February 3, 2010

only five more to go

My dear friend is having a Valentine's party on Saturday. She has been having one for years.
It started with a suggestion from the book, Simple Abundance, of gathering with some friends for a Valentine's tea to make valentines. Well, she stepped up to the plate that year and hosted the first of many..lost count now.
We were 10 we are over 30 in number. We started out making them at her house, but now we come with valentines in hand and at her house we make a project or additional cards for our families while eating treats and drinking tea...and then we are treated to a fabulous lunch.
How she does it with such love, I don't know...but she is one of a kind...wished there were more like her...the world needs more like her....loving, selfless,nuturing,encouraging..and such an artist.
But 30...? That's a whole lot of valentine making!
At first when the group was small....I made real cards...directed to the indivdual friend....but 30?...even I'm not that good..hehe
So the last few years I have cheated by doing tags about love......bookmarks as I see them
First I collect you know how hard it is to find the word LOVE in magazines?
Then I search for backgrounds
next I haul out all my collage stuff...and I mean stuff
For weeks I assemble...uh...but this year...I am not home much...problemmm!
So .... I am still not finished...I have 25 assembled...5 not started
but there is so much more work to complete them see... the artist in me
is not happy with just put most say something
and it must be balanced in color and compostion
...oh this one's not right and that one needs some gold and oh my that one is boring!
Oh the critic within!
My dear husband asked me if I was coming to bed last was 11:15pm.....I go to bed at 9:30 (I'm old)
I started to tell him all my complaints about my work....and he looked at me like I had three heads
"They're just Valentines...really"
Really...really?.....well, I know who's not getting one this year...
at least not a homemade one!
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  1. They're very pretty...sounds like you'll have a fun time.

  2. I love your story and tags. Beautiful! I dropped in on your blog through another..Enjoyed your stories. Will be back..Last year I made 44 handmade cards. through an exchange with MaryJane Farmgirls from around the USA. Great fun receiving them too.

  3. What a nice idea! Sounds like a fun thing to do.

  4. So beautiful!! And I love the opened package of Rollos---love and chocolate---nothin' better!!

  5. What a lovely idea, it sounds like fun. :-)

  6. They will all be beautiful and treasured as can never have enough bookmarks. It's a very loving project and worth staying up late. What fun to have a luncheon with 30 people on the subject of love!

  7. Not fair...talent is oozing and goozing out of you. Thirty. Wow, I made about fifteen Valentine cards and had lots of fun. I know I am not to compare my creativity to others but your cards are better than mine. I am going to copy your ideas for next Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe.

    That party sounds like so much fun. I bet the food will be yummy.

    Sweets to you.

    And, need to say that you have been tagged, tell 7 things about yourself that we bloggers may not know and then tag some of you blog friends. Oh, boy...I can't wait to learn more about you!!!

  8. Silly husband!
    I LOVE your tags. I love this post and the story and image of all those women making Valentine's and drinking tea. How cool is that? What a perfect way to spend that day. Love it!!!!
    Go Suz, you're almost there.

  9. Oh my goodness...I just got home and 8 comments on valentines!
    First of all...Robin! I just knew after I posted this photo and saw the Rollo's I'd be busted! But you!
    Elena..that's the secret..I have fun all the time! I can't live today over!
    Farmgirl Cherlyl...are you really a farm girl? I've always wanted to be a friend to a farmgirl! really! Thanks for srtopping by..come back I need to sneak over to visit you..44!!!! Oh my...I am not worthy to be in your presence! How wonderful! Did you post photos of those cards you exchanged?
    Hi Susannah...Were your ears ringing today...I was telling my daughter about your blog..she loves your name too...
    BlueSky...and the lunch is homemade! I told you she was wonderful! We are old friends from various art classes...a very fun and loving group of women..but it took "her" to make it possible...We are so happy cutting and ripping and stamping and painting...last year we made an envelope book to hold our tags...
    Dogwood...go on...I've seen your cards..they are beautiful!...I fly by the seat of my pants..if I over think it I freeze..I just get in my child mode and fly..and it is all about easy is that...think about all the things you can say about end in sight...I'm pooped..I hope I can finish by Saturday
    Oh Bethany..My husband is a comic..just ask him..!?!?
    not! But he is loveable...I'll keep him...I hope to finish tonight...I actually love being forced to do creative side has been suffering lately..another hug for you

  10.'d fit right in...and it is a wonderful way to spend a saturday

  11. 30 to make ? That's a lot.
    Funny your reaction to your husband !
    Good luck,

  12. Hi Sylvia! Yes,30 is a lot...but they really are fun to make
    Glad I made you laugh

  13. Oh Suz, they are so pretty. I need to make several Valentines this year and you've inspired me. I like how you decided to make them tags/bookmarks. Wow, your group has really grown!

  14. goldenbird..that's because "she" is such a good cook!
    and her projects are so much fun and I learn alot

  15. are your fingers sore? you've been a busy gal!

    goldie hawn in "overboard" and "private benjamin!"



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