Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm going to watch Shirley Valentine today.
 Now, I am a happily married woman,with wonderful married,successful children. I want for nothing. But still there are days...
used to be a lot of days
where I wanted to just run away.
It took me a long time to figure out what that what was and where it came from....
I was happy..why should feelings of wanting to run away stir within me?
It's about knowing who you really are..what you're made of

I Love this quote from Jack Kerouac:
No man should go through life without once experiencing healthy even bored solitude in the wilderness, finding himself depending soley on himself and thereby learning his true and hidden strength

The movie,Shirley Valentine, possesses this very feeling.
After talking to many people throughout the years, I have discovered that this feeling is very common.
But few go on to experience this wilderness
that Kerouac speaks of
Or have the courage that Shirley Valentine has
leaving her comfort zone
Discovering things that held her back
were misinterpreted by her all along
...braving to be alone
I can't go to Greece right now or the wilderness
But I can mentally go where I need to go
Dare to travel the thoughts of desire
Go to the wilderness of my own fear
Shirley Valentine


  1. Oh so you CAN relate to the feelings of wanting to run away!

  2. Me too!! These last few years I have often thought I would like to run away, be on my own, only have to take care of my own needs, see who I really am without the influence of "expectations", decorate a place to live that's all about ME and my taste!! I saw Shirley Valentine a LONG time ago--may have to watch again. Another movie I LOVE for the same reasons is Under The Tuscan Sun--have you seen it?? I guess what I really want is to be able to live several parallel lives---don't want much, do I?!

  3. Good post...the desire to live many lives,different choices is so REAL to all of us. At 48 I was tossed into a blank space (widow) and I often remembered movies, books and friends that helped me find my new space...finding out really new lives are found within...Thank you.

  4. Yes, I know that feeling too, it used to be really intense at times.

    . . .until I did it, until I actually ran away. . . and I dismantled the me who had been held together with sticky tape and optimism . . . and I put myself together again.

    I have never had the urge since.

  5. I've never seen this movie.
    Sounds like I need to.
    Great post.
    Sending hugs your way.

  6. Sooooo.....after you watched the movie.....what did you do next???
    I'm just curious!!!

  7. Robin that is it...who are we all alone?
    A Joyful Chaos...oh what a name! That's me...a whirlwind of happenings inside..seeking joy,beauty,and honesty..thanks..come again!
    Mary Ann..I like wise..and I just are a presence....Yes, it is the journey found within....I know that..but you showed me that I can't step back into the river in the same spot..thanks you for that...Widowed at 48...what a rebuilding that must have happy that you are happy again

    Susannah....what courage that must have taken to run away.. to dismantle..and to put yourself back together! My running away is more of the running away from something inside of me.....A constant job..I see know..and often fleeting
    I like movies and books and poems that run parallel to a feeling that I am experiencing at the helps somehow..a vicarious release of something...without doing too much damage! That "YES!" feeling "I know that" feeling
    I so enjoy our chats...!
    Hi Bethany..hope you are feeling happy are! Yes, Shirley Valentine...what can i say about it...touches something in me...I love it when she has had enough and goes off to Greece
    Robin...I'm watching it now..I love to ssing the theme song.."the girl that used to be me" oh I love that song! When my husband sees me watching it he lays low! Me I feel uplifted....SHe has become a friend..and when she speaks into the camera..she speaks to me...I know her...I cheer her on...I feel her empowerment...and she is so kind and compassionate till the end
    What's not to love about her?
    Under the Tuscan Sun is pure romance....

  8. hmmm, I don't remember this movie-- I have put it on my Netflix list-- I do think solitude is good-- but as an artist in a studio-- I get plenty of solitude-- but not completely away for a period of time in the wilderness.
    will have to think about that...

  9. Layers...I think it is more than solitude...rather a reliance on ones self....purely and intimately
    an inward self survival
    of ones true being

  10. Beautifully said. I think I need to watch that movie again-- it's been years. My favorite scene is when she "returns" to Greece and tells that guy "I'm not here for you." I wanted to cheer.

  11. I've come back to this post several times and it's been on my first I thought, why want to run away, I run towards! Then Suz, you said "a reliance of ones self, inward self survival of ones true being..." I don't want solitude,nor to run away...but then, who am I? I thought I knew!I must see this movie.

  12. I do need to watch this again too. Saw it once, kind of, amid a room of gigglers and I was doing other things - really didn't hear it. I will.

  13. I can see that I may have to hold a Shirley Valentine discussion group....with popcorn


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