Monday, February 22, 2010

Trumpets of yellow
on my window sill
look that much better
against Winter's will

Their brazen color
before frozen white
Wanton joy they bring
a weary soul's delight
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  1. Good to hear a bit of happiness touching your soul again. Isn't that time of morning w/ the indigo blues on the snow the most magical? Beautiful poems by the way.

  2. Oh, I'm always happy...a chronic condition for me....but lately I have had no time for myself...sort of going backwards in my life's journey...but acknowleding it and moving on always helps...
    Helping my daughter out is an honor
    I wouldn't trade for anything..I love her and that's that
    everything else will still be there waiting ....
    Oh that poem...that's a ditty...but glad you liked it
    And oh yes,Indigo...awesome

  3. Nice juxtaposition of yellow and white, spring and winter.

  4. Well, this is just too beautiful. I don't have the right words. So, instead, I'll just say thanks for this lovely view.

  5. My favorite flower. What is it about them. So unusual and that color! Wow...

    I have one daffodil in our Grass Valley yard. It should bloom soon.

    I see snow out in the yard. Love the old bottles on the window sill.

  6. My bulbs are very fast asleep in the yard..not even a hint of them....take a picture of yours when it blooms
    Snow....yes, more snow..heavy snow...about 6 inches last night
    Old bottles! one of my loves

  7. These photos are wonderful!!! I always love black and white with a touch of yellow, or red, or hot pink, or orange----just love color!! And your home and yard look like they are truly a sanctuary of beauty---something I need to work on in my own home!!
    You inspire me!!!

  8. I love the poem, and daffies. They were my Mom's favorites, I take them to the cemetary when the come on.

  9. great photo and poem.
    Sweet sweet sweet.


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