Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blah blah blahs

my alter ego

Oh, I have a bad case of the blahs....winter seems longer than married life.
And the extra nine inches of snow hasn't helped.
the driving up north everyday hasn't helped...though I'm glad to
but sometimes the traffic is just all too much
I get home...ready to eat the refrigerator
the cats want attention
the mail has to be opened
 I have to run to the cleaners or the drugstore
or grocery
then hubby comes homes
dinner to be made
and on and on...and on

Whether we work fulltime
or are retired or a student
we have ryhthmns
life ryhthmns
and mine is off
I have been flailing about

I need to figure out a new rhythmn
until I can return
to the rhythmn I thrive in
and maybe by then
it will be Spring!

** :)


  1. I understand what you mean, Suz.
    I think everyone is looking forward to Spring !
    And your wrinkles ? ... you have a beautiful smile !
    Warm wishes,

  2. I like your alter ego...she will look out for you and insist your new rhythm will be okay for the short term and then watch out come Spring...There is an old saying you can not put your foot in the same place in the river ...water has moved on, each time it is new again. When you return to your old rhythms they will be new too!

  3. nice that you understand what I'm going through regarding winter....thanks for liking my smile
    Mary Ann....I like that! Something for me to contemplate....hmm
    that may be just the insight I needed...I may have been trying to step back in the same place...and I can't! So that means I most move on! Discomfort makes movement easy
    WISE WOMAN! thanks.
    My alter ego's name is Large Marge
    glad you like her

  4. I identify strongly with your "flailing about!" LOL!

  5. You sound so much like me and even scarier - I am a Sagittarius and also 59. Live in the next state over - Iowa and I don't think I will be able to see the ground until May! Hang in there.

  6. you get your roots done every 4 weeks!
    We go to Dubuque frequently....
    have a place in Galena...come on by again....thanks for visiting

  7. I too am looking forward to spring. We are having a blizzard as I type this. It's been snowing since yesterday.

  8. The rhythm you are used to is on hold because you are a grandma. You just have to get used to that blessing. You will. Your time is not your own. It changes though and sometimes you won't be needed as much. You will always have that closeness though and you are making wonderful memories.

  9. Where did you get that "person"? She's hysterical!

  10. Happyone..keep shooting those photos I so enjoy hopping over to you for some beauty
    Hi April...yeah that's it ..on hold...that's what happened most of my life! I need to find some different ways of meeting my needs
    ..but stuffing my face is not one
    Oh Marge? you like her! I wrote a story with a character named Large Marge in it...she was a motorcycling purplehat woman who bowled....On a trip to Galena with my Artist way group...boy was that fun!...I was walking through a store and OMG...there she the flesh so to speak....I bought her....left her guy there at the store..who needs him...she doesn't
    hahah....isn't she the best

  11. My rhythmm is so off course that it may never recover!
    I just don't give a damn right now?

  12. Well...that doll is precious. I assume it is a doll and not really you!!!! Love the hair and glasses. OK, so you have the blahs and out of sorts. Let it be. The rythmn will return in due time.

    Smile and be silly.

  13. Loving this lady you posted... my kind of great

  14. yeah that's the real me -REBEL

    It's a figurine

  15. Is that really your ALTER ego?
    She rocks and so do you.
    You will get this.
    Hang in there Suz.

  16. yes...rebel without a cause..
    accept for the one with my name on it
    I'm always hanging in there are you kidding...wouldn't have any other way

  17. Beautiful woman... maybe it is about acceptance. Who are you? Who am I? Not the girl I used to be, a new me, get to know me, accept me, love me. It is just the beginning, again... xoxoxoxo


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