Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back from Galena

I hope you had as wonderful a February weekend, filled with love and beauty, joy and love as I had.
It was the great backyard bird count this weekend....though we did not officially enter...we counted.
In one 15 minute segment of time we counted
8-Blue Jays
5- Crows
2-Downy woodpeckers
1-Hairy woodpecker
10- Juncos
2- Nuthatches
1-redbellied sapsucker

It was bird central on our deck!

Early in the morning deer were walking through our yard looking for scraps left from the feeder.
I took some pictures of their beautiful on the snow with all the shadows.

I wish I could show you how amazing the night sky is here.....brilliant with stars! 
They treasure the darkness in Galena.....I hope that remains...For it is a wonder to behold....something you don't see above you in urban areas...too much light pollutions.
 In the summer I love to sit on the deck and watch the sky...and watch for shooting stars.....But it is winter I watch for tracks in the snow istead. 
They tell a story but, I am not good at figuring out why all of a sudden the tracks stop...and mish around and then take off again...or when two different track bisect....who blinked I wonder....
In town there were many famliies enjoying the long weekend. It was almost festive. Of course I some very nice jewerly.
 In one of my favorite "junk shops" I found an old incense cool...with chains and charcoal and monastry blend of incense..but hey, I could be burning grass for all I's in this funny looking metal can.....I'll give you an update.
 I also bought the neatest copper and siver hammered plate with an Aztec figure on where will I put that? I don't know but it called to me as did a painting of a half nude women draped in shades of beige,green,red,and periwinlke!
We love the merchants in town and visiting their shops is like hanging over the back fence. We know so many by now that they trust us with local gossip..What fun.
The best thing about our weekends there is how my hubby a young dude again.  Money can't buy that. We are two happy people strolling the streets of Galena.
One lady said I was cute when she saw me trying on a necklace.
I smiled, then looked at my husband..."Cute?... I'm not sure about that?"
He looked at me and said, "It's harder for a woman of your age (grrr!) to be cute then to be beautiful."
I think that was my Valentine.


  1. Oh, boy...I am so glad that you got away this weekend. Sounds like a fabulous time. Love the list of the birds. Don't you just get so excited to see the deer!

    Well, you are cute and don't forget it.

    Happy sweetness.

  2. Pablo tells me Galena is in western it countryside? is it wooded? is there a waterway? It sounds wonderful with beautiful starlit skies and birds and wildlife...Happy Valentine's Day...cute Suz!

  3. Well Suz, I may be JUST a little prejudiced,but I think that was a very proud hubby to say that...cutie!
    Blew up those tracks right away, curious as deer stay on the straight and narrow too, but I also wondered, why the offset marks...beautiful shadows there!
    Happy Valentines, GF.

  4. Thanks Cory I did have a great time..cute or not cute hahah..wasnot that funny being called cute at 59? Oh I love the deer..they come so close but are so fearful...I ove their white flags as the HIGH TAIL away
    Yes Mary Ann, Pablo is is at the farthest northwest corner of Illinois where they say the glaciers missed, therefore it is beautiful withh hills and valleys spectacular vistas...for Illinois is very hilly and rocky..with outcroppings..where we are it is farmland with forests ..but farms with steep valeys and high hills and mounds
    Mary! Hi! yea I guess that was nice of her to say it and for him to explain it again...Oh the deer were so your deer..the tracks were all over the yard..and there were tracks we didn't with a long tail dragging behind..breakfast tomorrow early?

  5. Same time same place? I'll bring MY camera this time...
    The tracks with the "Tail" looking mark, those ARE deer tracks. They always drag a toe , nearly all our deer have lazy feet in the snow. It's the long path of tracks to your deck I can't see well enough to know if those are deer...beautiful, no matter who laid the tracks.


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