Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I gave a hug
was it enough
enough to reach
that spot of impending
destiny that punctures
what is
and will be no more
can a hug
really help
a breaking heart
a heart that
so much love
much pain
is a hug enough
  held just long enough
 that words do not come
not even in release



  1. It's amazing what a hug can do! :-)

  2. A hug is powerful isn't it

  3. Yes it can.
    Weird. For some reason I was thinking of you the other night, wanting to check your blogs and reach out. Got distracted and didn't make the connection. Today I am in more need of a hug than ever. Decided last night to have my 17 year old, best friend dog euthanized this Friday. I come here today when I take a break at work, cloudy, cried out, headachey, and find this. I know it wasn't really for me. But I took it in anyway. Hope that's okay.
    And thank you.

  4. Yes, a hug is definitely enough. And, a hug from you...oh my, wonderful. Hugs can say so much.

    Hugs to you.

  5. Oh the deep sorrow of a sick pet
    knowing no more can be done...
    Bethany I do hug you and feel the same...is it enough?.. I know how much it hurts...All the animals I have had...and loved and let go
    Hug hug hug...I will be with you on Friday...Funny you coming over here today...I guess the great spirit wrote for me for you too
    Dogwood...I really feel I know you...thank you for sweet kind words..and hug...here's one back..

  6. I have "tagged" you. Check out my current blog post.

  7. As much as we treasure words, sometimes the clearest, best, most heartfelt message comes without them. Hugs indeed.

  8. Lesa...that was the poem..thank you

  9. Thank you for that, Sue. We were given a little more time, but I am going to print this and the beautiful picture for his book.


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