Saturday, February 27, 2010

She rules the house

I love dogs,but somehow cats decided long ago to push them out and take over.
When this one arrived in my life we had one cat in the house named,Webster. Webster came to us from the animal shelter. But this story is not about Webster...Kitty reminds me of this as I'm writing this; I want to tell you about Miss Kitty O'Shea.
About six years ago I was lying on the couch deathly sick with the flu.
I heard my husband walk to the back patio door and open it.
I heard him come back inside talking.
I was too sick to look up or answer him, besides I don't understand his words...I have a pounding headache.
Well, I hear him talking in a sweet voice. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it is snowing outside.

"You poor baby,I'll bet you're cold and hungry..."

I think he's talking about me and to me....I lift my head
There in front of me is my husband-a small kitten laying across his forearm......
He had brought in this little cat about 7 months old
need I say she is still here.......
My daughter was going to take her, but Webster had taken a swipe at this kitten and her eye was injured and I had to take her to the vet and.....We named her Miss Kitty O'Shea.....after a downtown restaurant and bar we had been in and our admiration for the toughness of Irish women..
She's still here
But the best part of the story is that 63 days latter.....yeah, you guessed it...KITTENS!
She had four kittens, one died two days after birth. Miss Kitty was the most wonderful was a delight to witness..Everyone of her kittens ...she had a different call for....she actually called them ..she did a head count several times a day and she had a different call for feed time....and she made gutteral sounds for contentment (not purr) while feeding them.....her paw around them
My daughter took one and her friend took two...well ,now my daughter has all three.....long story
Miss Kitty has not spoken since we took her kittens away..I miss her sounds...
Needless to say, she is fond of my husband
I think they are two cranks
who fall asleep on the couch after dinner
watching tv..
fighting for dominance of the sofa
You know who wins?
Funny to watch a grown man squished
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  1. I'm not a cat person but I bet that was some sight to see...your cat in mother mode. Enjoy your weekend...I like your collage that you posted on Friday.

  2. Wonderful! Very glad to meet Miss Kitty O'Shea! :-)

    For most of my life I was a 'dog person' and actually thought I wasn't fond of Cats at all. . . until a young feral cat began visiting our garden about 8 years ago.

    Phew, I actually started to tell the whole story but it was turning into a blog post! So I will cut a long story short, I am now happily owned by three great felines and am a totally converted cat person!

    I think I need to write a blog post about my 'conversion'. :-)

  3. What a lovely story,
    Miss Kitty O'Shea is gorgeous !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  4. write about them...
    A dog is prose a cat is a poem
    Sylvia...thanks for stopping by this saturday ..Oh Miss Kitty is a cutie..all bluster and purrs
    I tried to catch her in a photo with happy eyes...that contented look a cat gets

  5. Great story about Miss Kitty.
    I love the name Webster for a cat!!

  6. Suz, I will. ;-)

    All bluster and purrs - I love that!

  7. Happy One....Webster is my male kitty...sort of like Barney Fife though...he needs Miss Kitty around

  8. That was a great story about how Miss Kitty came to live with you. It's funny when your pets find you rather than the other way around. She sounds like a sweet mama. I got both of my rescued cats when they were around six weeks old and adored having kittens in the house. I wish I could have another one, but it's not in the cards right now.

  9. Kitten are the best...running around and jumping at their own shadow....and then they grow up and keep us

  10. What a sweet story. You are a great story teller. I bet those kittens were out-of-this-world-cute.

    Rocky wants to meet your cats!

  11. My Abigail would be just the right arm candy for him!

  12. I love that story, every time I hear you tell it. Write a little book! I want it.

  13. oh, so glad she found you. Poor mama. This story warmed my heart. thank you. she's a doll and looks so happy happy.

  14. Bethany I'll write anything you want me to


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