Friday, February 26, 2010

Today was a girlfriend day.
The other grandma watched whoopee...I couldn't say "yes" to breakfast and going to Homegoods fast enough...with my buddy, Mary. I had to mention her name..'cause she knows I blog now and she loves her name in lights!

We had fun bumping into each other in the aisles and oooing and ahhing at all the pretty stuff. I was looking for something for my garden...what else is new?
Mary managed to hold onto every penny in her DOES she do that?

Oh and I also got my hair cut and colored ....all that in one whole day..can you imagine that.
And.. I worked on a little painting and some be all this supressed inner-me-ness!

Mary and I are going to the same Black Tie affair on a Yacht this May......and we both need to shape up for our
slinky dresses....hehehe
I watch her..she watches me.
I asked my husband if he would drop me and Mary off in car...and only with the food we should eat....and if we wanted anything....we would have to walk up and down those blasted hills!

What do you think? ...  I asked him...

Why, do you believe he actually said....

..the nerve of that man.
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  1. Your creative juices are really flowing. I like that collage. It brought to mind women who run with the wolves ... did you read that? The gold looks good. How did you create the lines in the upper right corner? Sounds like a fun day with Mary. Your husband is a crack up!

  2. gee thanks I am having fun, and not sensoring myself...It's woven golden threads..sort of like netting I guess..I cut it up and pulled off the ends No, I haven't read that, should I?

  3. Love the collage!!! And I thought of that same book!!! Haven't read it though--just hear people mention it often. I 'm envious of your black tie affair on a yacht!! Sounds so romantic!!!

  4. Lake Michigan is beautiful...but we will be docked...but the beautful skyline...oh I just love it..

  5. Hmm, you get that creative after we have been getting in trouble all day? Wow! Let's do it more often, I want a great collage too.
    Was thinking, let us get BOTH fellows to drop us off, they go stay somewhere and start to "date" us! They have to call us to go out, bring us flowers, do whatever we wish, movie, shopping, walking, taking pictures. Eat rabbit food with us. Then take us back in the night and be our "man slaves"!
    How's that sound?

  6. are gettiing off track again....!

  7. love your collage, glad you had such a fun day.
    Galena sounds magical.
    I'd end up with the carry out too.


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