Saturday, February 6, 2010

I had the best time at the party today. So many wonderful friends,paper,glue,stickers,hole punches and valentines everywhere. Valentines bring out the best in women....we are the feeling component of creation.
So many ways to express love.
So many there at the party forgot their troubles for 4hours.
When I got home my husband was out running errands,the cats were sleeping and I was alone to clean up all the mess from making valentines last night. I put on a little music, made myself a cup of tea and lovingly returned all my collagy stuff back into the bins...for next year.  You should know me by now...this made me weepy.
 Next one promises tomorrow let alone next year. Our friend Patty was with us last year,I drove her home....last time I saw her.  She had been ill on and off for over a year....and last year she was feeling good enough to come to the party. She had a fun time mixing around with everybody. All the way home in the car she talked about making much fun it was..and what a pain in the ass it was...that was her....God love her...I mean it...God please Love her...she was one of a kind.
So, knowing how my mind seems to wander in a connecting kind of way.....I sat down and looked out the window at the fresh white snow and blue skies.....thank you for love I said out God
Thank you for the friends I enjoyed today...
.and for the ones with troubles of the aching heart kind and the aching body them too, God.
Handsome hasn't been around in days.....
he could use a little of your love too....



  1. You are a dear. I love the memories in this post of yours. I will have to print it for my "valentine memories scrapbook" that I'm putting together. Do you mind? Very emotional valentine message. sniff-sniff

  2. Sweet post.
    I'm praying with you for all those things, dear Handsome too.

  3. I loved hearing about your sweet time with your girlfriends celebrating Valentine's Day. Four hours of 'girl time" such a special gift.

    Enjoy your peaceful time.


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