Friday, February 5, 2010

Tomorrow I Party

Well, they're done..all 30 of them.
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  1. Wow - they look really beautiful!
    Well done. :-)

  2. Your tag/bookmarks are fantastic and lovely! I've been working on valentine atc's for my trading group, hence my absence from blogging. Our group is also having a party today (Sat.)

    I hosted a valentine party once that included the guys. What fun that was...and an amazing scene of creative chaos! Each person made a poster-paper pocket (Remember those from elementary school?)and decorated it, including their name, as well as making a card for each guest. We hung the pockets on the stair rail for everyone to add their creative effort for each person. So silly and so much fun!

    I hope you have a wonderful time at your Valentine tea!

  3. Oh we have a great is so nice to have such creative fun friends...
    I wonder what our hostess has thought up for us to do as a project....she's good
    Have a fun day being a kid again
    i will
    susannah...I don't know about was rush job on most...I rushed the coating and gluing..but's fun and they will love them as I will love theirs..but thanks!

  4. Amazing...I enlarged and enjoyed each one! Have a great time with your friends!
    Mary Ann

  5. suz, you're creative on so many different levels!!!!!

    big hugs!

  6. Hope you have a delightful gathering, Suz--love those valentines!!

  7. Oh how we wish you lived closer.... We girls could get in BIG trouble couldnt we? Love your Valentines.
    Cheryl Mother hen...

  8. Phew, that will teach me for neglecting you. I stay away from your blog for a little while and then I have all this creativity to catch up on. Those valentines are delightful. There will be some very lucky recipients at the party. With your strong composition skills and your wonderful sense of colour you just have to do more collages and more and more ......

  9. Mary Ann,Thank you for taking the time for looking at my little tags...not art..but sure fun...I think I have figured out that for me it's the words...I had fun
    Janean..why you sweet gal..thanks..hug back
    C.L...It was a gathering..that is precisely the right word..did I spell precisely correctly?
    Hey..Chick know it! I love having fun ...and getting into trouble..clean kinda of trouble!
    gosh...I'm speachless...that was so nice of you to say those things...I have been itching to paint if I only knew how...but hey that nver stops me from doing anything else...hug

  10. Now I got to see them all! They are fabulous! Each a little work of art, Sue. Thank you for putting so much time into them. I love mine with the doggie! With Timber being sick this week, I only got small projects planned, but next out!!

  11. Oh Suz!!!!! They are glorious. Fabulous job. I esp like the one with the dog, she looks like my Casey.
    You rock!

  12. I still say you are one very talented lady. I keep looking at your darling Valentine tags. Each one differnt and sweet.

    I am making a Valentin card for My Guy during the Super Bowl.

  13. April...thank you
    Bethany...see..we old broads can have fun too
    Dogwood,gee thanks...I do like to dabble...hope you had a good super bowl..lucky guy

  14. Your Valentine's are gorgeous. The Buddha is my favorite. I like how the way you used fiber on them.


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