Friday, February 12, 2010

I still have my foot up over the water......Mary Ann, my blogger friend, Blue Sky Dreaming, so wonderfully explained to me that when it comes down (after all my loving obligations are done) my foot will not touch water at the same place.
Wow. Thank you Mary Ann.  She is right. Where I am now in my daily rhythm has changed my current.
I rose to the occassion- and today brought my own mother along  - whose foot will not step down in the same spot either.
Three generations of women in one room with one baby..feet up out of the water
having a serious talk..and I mean serious talk..about motherhood and life
and how the choices have changed
but really are the same emotionally
What a challenge and priviledge it is...
and how one can lose oneself in the process
simply it sacrifice...good intention
..the right thing to do....
losing oneself is never good
for anyone
I guess the trick is to never start losing yourself
but be aware that you are woman
a sensual,thinking creative woman
and to nuture that part of you forever 
My daughter is struggling with all that is on her plate
and with the help of her mother and grandmother
I know she will be just fine....

out of the stream of "life' for a while
but able to step right in and travel the waters again
in a new place
like her mom and grandmother


  1. Your daughter is fortunate to have such wise women in her life. I know exactly what you mean about losing yourself ... and it can be so hard to find your way back.

  2. Well, look at me, I found myself on your wonderful blog...thank you.
    Three generations of women having a heartfelt conversation is special indeed...all pulling together with eyes and heart wide open is even better....enjoy your days ahead!

  3. Wow, really three generations in one room all at the same time. Lucky for the three of you! Really. My time with my daughter is so special and the learning goes both ways now which is the greatest. I learn so much from her!

  4. I haven't been by in awhile. Just skidded down some of your posts and saw your photo. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!

  5. Suz, sending you a warm squeeze hug filled w/ wishes for peace of mind & heart on this Valentine's Day.


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