Monday, February 22, 2010

It's hard not to be filled with wonder
awakening to a fairyland of snow
covered branches

Like an enchanted being
I tarry at the top of the stairs

forgetting at this moment
the poison apples that await me
on the road this morning
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  1. That's a gorgeous picture. Love the blue light. It looks like a painting. Hopefully there weren't too many poison apples on the road.

  2. Love the blue/black contrast of your picture. Like goldenbird, I hope you don't find any of those bad apples!

  3. Wow...oh my wow. I wish I could drop by and visit you and sit and chat.

  4. we could get into a heap of trouble ..yeah!
    It's so pretty the snow early in the morning...especially this kind of heavy wet snow...truly like fairyland...come on by!

  5. ooooh this photo is just so mysterious and marvelous, love it against your poem.


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