Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dusting off the sketchbook

I haven't drawn lately. But I had a sudden urge to look at my sketchbooks....guess I needed to connect with that part of me
that I feel is stirring.
A simple keep a carry it around
and sit a while (which is something I should do anyway)
carry it around and just draw the ordinary.
In high school art class I had to keep one for the whole semester....for my grade
I wish I would have kept it
I would have sketches of
...Soldier Field and a demolition derby
...Beverly Shores Indiana
...It's Here Coffeehouse
...Peter Cora's Coffeehouse and Samatha the folk singer
...Michigan cherries
...the beach at 76th street
...the dragstrip
...and who knows what else I have forgotten

I'm glad I kept my grown up sketchbooks
(actually I tossed them in a drawer)

And seeing them fresh...seeing something that has rested in a drawer for a while
you look at it in a more compassionate way
It's not bad...not bad at all
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  1. This is wonderful, and the grass is especially realistic looking Suz! I wish I had my sketchbooks from when I was a kid. I was always drawing, mostly horses and far idea what happened to all of them. I thought they'd turn up when we cleaned out my parent's house but no!

  2. beautiful drawing! i have always wanted to be an artist, just doesn't come naturally to me! good for you, keep sketching!!!

  3. That is a really beautiful drawing Suz :-)

    I have never been much of a one for sketching anything other than faces - I don't seem to have a clear signal between my eye and my hand - I think I hit static when it passes through my brain! So my perspective really can't be relied upon! lol

    Give me paint to splash about and a 'feeling' to portray and I do ok, just don't expect to recognise anything I paint!

    I am glad to hear that part of you is stirring - (I look forward to seeing more.)

  4. That's wonderful! ...and what happened to your other sketchbooks? You know, it won't be long till "summer art" sessions!

  5. Well, well my girlfriend. Is there anything you can't or don't do in the creative whelm. Sketching will be fun for you to do while you wait for the snow to melt and spring to arrive. Then, you will be able to take your sketch pad out into your lovely yard.

    Sweets and smiles to you...

  6. oh my...I have fairy gaodmothers!
    how cool!
    -M.Heart I feel a poem stirring about lost sketchbooks! You could draw a horse? wow That grass...boy I remember doing that...I just let go and drew..didn't think about every blade....

    -Life is Good...just the fact that you said your wish...means it dwells within'd be surprised what a few lesson can show you...there are many on the internet and it takes leaping...just leap and fail..then leap again....who knows maybe it will lead you somewhere the heart desires...just maybe

    -Oh,Susannah...just sketching faces...good golly...that's hard!
    and oh my gosh again...just give you a feeling...I thought I was the only one who started there...What is there really worth expressing but feeling?
    at least for me...and you too I see

    -April, I have them all...most are pretty bad or half the face I found the other day...just half a face..I guess I froze....Oh I already told Lois I'm in for summer class!

    -Dogwood...I dabble in many things...and I like it that way..I'm a gypsy of art...always wandering
    Oh I do not sew!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My sketches would be of stick figures, yours however are wonderful.
    My passion now is sewing...and handwork. I love it, even though I'm not very good and have so much to learn.
    I finally have the time to indulge my passion, another benefit of getting older :)

  8. Wow, your sketch is fantastic. I wish I could draw, but have never taken the time to really learn now. You're very talented.

  9. Not bad...not bad at all? (ha ha-silly) So glad you're pulling these out again.

  10. Oh Elena you rascal
    That's how it goes with me
    muse stirs...I listen
    then she goes away or a different one calls
    I'm a "dartist!" dabbling artist!

    Red...wonderful to follow your passion
    it calls for us..good or almost good it calls for us to create and we must honor that which runs through us and in us....I can't sew on a button...learning is the fun my advanced age! I should have more time...but I'm busy with life again...if you know what I mean...
    GOldenbird...I'll bet you would do just fine in a drawing or art are definately artistic..try it sometime

  11. you are so talented.. I see your life being so filled with creativity, thought, inspiration, and beautiful sights.. :) You always remind me to stop and take a breath in my busy world and appreciate these kinds of things. I think thats why I like your blog so much!

  12. Well Sara thanks a lot! I am rather eclectic aren't I? But I do love my life..stresses and all...I did my job raising great kids...and I picked a wonderful man to say "Yes I'll spend my life with you"
    Sometimes I think my blog should be more focused...I'm all over the place

  13. love this tree.
    i wish you had your old sketchbooks too.
    glad you have your grown up ones!


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