Sunday, January 10, 2010

How's a girl supposed to get any rest?

Twice yesterday something large hit a window in my house. Harry Hawk! I thought. I dragged my sick body off of the sofa to see what had hit the window so hard. One look out the window at the squirrel hiding under the snow shovel...told me all I needed to know. I stepped outside to chase what I knew I would find, probably hiding in some branches, Harry.
Well, low and behold, bells of hell, it wasn't Harry..It was a gigantic red tailed hawk. He lifted off of my roof only to return 3 times. No wonder no one is eating the birdseed. I did what I could...but by the third chase off..I think he had his eye on me!

Well..........I just heard this loud slam in my family room...and good golly miss molly!..there teetering on my skylight was the hawk..looking right in at me! I yelled very loud...Webster,Kitty,and Abigail flew for their hiding places...
CAMERA..I thought...but he flew away.   Camera in hand I went to the upstairs bedroom to see if he was out there....Oh yes he was...hiding in the photo card was I tried to delete some photos ...he flew off....that magnificent red tail fanned right in my face.
He flew up high so fast and began to flap those beautiful wings I just stood there watching as he flapped away. 
What am I saying..beautiful? He's a killer. He is trying to get one of my wards! I'm really sick.  I better go lay back down.
Oh you think he might get Handsome?
oh woe


  1. We too have a Hawk ,he's a real killer. Last week I ran out with Willy to chase him away and I yelled some very nasty words at him,when a rather timid voice said "just reading the meter lady,be gone in a second" Oh my so embarassed was I and then it become very funny after I came in the house. Wonder if the meter reader will come back again!

  2. thanks for the big laugh artistamyjo!

  3. You have more excitement in your yard! Wow... Don't all those guys out there in nature know you need your rest to get well!

  4. I know! But to stare into my skylight..the nerve!

  5. When our Tippy (mostly fox terrier) was abandoned here, he weighed only two pounds. We live in the country and are familiar with hawks and eagles. Of course, Tippy had to learn to use the proper facilities, which meant I had to let him outside. I worried that a hawk or an eagle would pick him up from the yard or what turned out to be "his" deck. As his new mom, I thought it would be best to teach him to bark...he was so young he didn't know how...and announce to the world he's a dog, not a rabbit or squirrel. One day, I was sitting in a lawn chair when I noticed a buzzard circling the area. I barked! Tippy ran under my chair and looked up at his strange new mommie barking, and she was barking at a bird! He caught on instantly. Tiny, fierce barks. Nine years and almost twenty pounds later, he still barks at every large bird that has the audacity to fly over his house.

  6. I have been watching a hawk in my yard too! He takes after the sparrows and juncos.
    I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! As soon as you are able you'll have to give Webster cooking lessons!At least how to use the tea kettle.
    I turn to Emergen-C zinc at the first sign of a bug, give it a try!

  7. Oh my goodness! I'd be at the window every minute at your house, Sue. Yes, those hawks are so beautiful though. They leave you with your mouth open.

  8. Sure hope you are feeling better soon!! Colds are the worst!!
    Sounds like your hawk has a smorgasbord in your backyard!! It's awful to see them kill/eat some cute, little creature but I love seeing them up in a tree on the side of the road----so majestic! A reminder of the cycle of life and the amazing way that everything in nature is connected!!

  9. I guess we should be happy that raptures have made a comeback
    SO I should teach my wards to bark...hmmm Lesa that is such a cute story about your dog...maybe a children's book I knew we were kindred spirits! But if I teach Handsome how to meow at the hwk I don't think it will impress the Hawk
    Oh Red I saw one eat a junco once too..nasty..and it took so long
    Webster he is so cute..he brings me stuffed animals from the basement...drops them in my cute is that?
    OH April..Handsome showed up this morning.. weepy eye,limping..poor old cat...he ate,took a nap in his house,sat in the sunfor 15 minutes then limped off...what can I do?
    Robin it's the only circle I don't like!

  10. You're still sick you poor thing. Get well soon. I am sending you some sunshine to warm you up :)

  11. Hope you feel better.
    They are beautiful, even though predatory.
    You can't protect them all Suz. But I know that feeling.

  12. Bethany! I can't?
    ...I can't
    When I used to let my cat go outside..he once grabbed a baby bunnie and it screamed
    he dropped it and I picked it up only to have it die in my hands...
    I saw life slip away...and cried my head off


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