Thursday, December 31, 2009

Short, but sweet...this life


the end of the book
one more page to turn
Then I begin again
snuggle near the fire
crack open another volume
of my life



  1. Happy new year, Suz! It's been great getting to know you and I look forward to more of your beautiful poetry, photos and writing next year. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. Hope the coming year brings you much joy and happiness.

  2. Much happiness and fun are coming your way in 2010..I can feel it Goldenbird

  3. I always get excited when I see that you have posted a new post on you wonderful blog. Thanks for the nice things you said on my blog and the feeling is mutual.

    I am so glad that I started bloging and "bumped into you." you make me laught, smile, think and enjoy the day. Thanks...

  4. I love this, Sue. Says it right on. That's how it is...and that's that! Hope we have many good things to "write" in this volume.

  5. Cottage Woman thanks for calling me friend
    Bethany... short,but sweet,this life..remember that
    I like Merlot in case you're pouring


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