Friday, December 18, 2009

My Mom's creative outlet

What would Christmas be without my mom's handy work? Here are few samples of it throughout my house

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  1. Suz, your home is lovely and cozy. The holiday decor filled with memories, just as it should be.
    Your Mom has some serious skills with a needle and thread, and you have given me an idea. I shall buy a notebook and record my thoughts for 365 days in 2010. I will however have to keep it under lock and key, if anyone should read it they will have me either committed or arrested!

  2. I never knew your Mom quilted! Her work is absolutely lovely! I am struggling with potholders.

  3. So your going to write your own book Red! Can't wait to see it...
    yes she quilts...bitty now...she is struggling with little wallets...they are so cute


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