Saturday, December 12, 2009

and it's my birthday


My friend Ned gave me this picture a while ago. Today this is how I am feeling. Like a pooped out old hound dog...
Now, I shouldn't be feeling this way, I am, after all, the queen of feeling like a chick. Not today. I am worn out..been chasing my tail (again) trying to please way too many people...trying to fit everything in...and it's not over yet. This is not how I wanted to enter my 59th year of life. It sort of is like going backwards.
So I must begin again. I must be deliberate with my self.
Slow down. eat less...walk more....plan my alone.....take care of myself like I know how to do....get my mojo back.....wear those 3inch heels....jingle...look and feel like a woman did this slip away so fast....Pay attention girl! Begin Again!
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  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Next, I have no sage wisdom when it comes to saying no, slowing down, or taking care of myself.
    So come on, show me how it's done :)

  2. Happy Birthday and many more. I can't imagine you being pooped, you're one of the most enthusiastic, lover of life people I've met. You've been through a lot lately with the baby and all. Are you crashing a bit now after the fact? Step outside tomorrow night and watch the meteor show and meditate on the beauty of nature. Quiet time. You deserve it!And then you can begin again, refreshed. Love your blog title begin again so relevant and such a reminder to all of us that we have the choice to begin again!Born to a new day, like your baby grandson! Hugs!

  3. You've been charging full steam like always. Your body is probably sending you signals. But Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day.

  4. Red,it the not having down time that's the killer. I know how to do this I will show the way...after my nap
    Yes, I am's all the driving...and then the snow and cold..and next week I have the other kiddies coming and that means cleaning everything up and gettingready to make magic on Christmas..Phew!!!!!!!! But don't get me wrong...I am very happy ..just tired I would love to see the meteor shower...thanks
    I never get down I begin again
    Thanks Elena

  5. Yes Sue! I have my birthday calendar right in front of me and I knew it was your birthday. Didn't bring your present with the other night because I only have part of it! Why does December always get away from me like this? One day it's December 1st and the next it's over. I love this photo and I can identify with the look too. Yes...jingle! See you soon!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I always feel depressed on my birthday too.But you are right its a good time to start again.

  7. Ah yes, "making magic" on Christmas!! So exhausting but hopefully worth it in the end!! Especially when there are "little ones" involved. But are we asking ourselves to perform super-human feats??? I have no answer to that. I just keep doing what I have always done.

  8. Making magic is a bit of a burden especially if we attach expectations to it
    I don't do that...but this year it has gotten away from me...but I know what it is..flux...I think I'll post on it see ya

  9. Happy Birthday! Live happy, Suz. Do what makes you happy. And it's OK to take time for you. It's a hard thing for us women to recognize, but you matter just as much as everyone else in the family. Big birthday hugs to you!

  10. Happy Birthday dear lady. It is OK to feel pooped and tired. Sounds like you will be eating well, getting exercise and doing other good things for yourself in the coming year. Yipee..

    Smiles and hugs to you!

  11. Yep...back on track...but hey...I never said I was perfect..I just know how to begin again!

  12. Happy belated birthday, Suz! Wish I would have seen your post on Saturday. I like that you want to jingle and wear three inch heels ... awesome.


    How did I not see this until now? I hope you had a wonderful day!! And Suz - no worries, you are young, beautiful, and full of life inside and out!

    Lots of love,


  14. You know,Sara,you are right.
    I love life...inside and out
    Thanks...I don't look a day over 59


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