Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They left me all alone with the two did we ever do it?
So happy I ordered out for tomorrow...except for potato salad
and I'm not sure that will get done
oh bother


  1. Yep how did we ever do it hehehe. Grandma duties are a bit different though. More playing and less rules. Enjoy it while you can. The world will keep turning without potato salad :)

    Of course I can say this now that all my chores are done. I just need to shower and dress and I'm ready hehehe

  2. I would take pictures of my house..but I'm afraid of blackmail
    They were so cute today...I had them both on my lap while watching DVD's
    and reading books...but I never did get those potatoes cooked...wee hours of the morning...maybe
    My daughter sarah is here with her hubby...the calvary has arrived...oh my son and his wife just walked in..perfect timing
    Shower and dress...then you are what a woman
    enjoy the sunshine
    it's cold and icy here

  3. Have a wonderful time. Sleep is over-rated! So is potato salad.

  4. I know they had fun sitting with grandma! Everything will be perfect, don't worry.

  5. In case I don't get by here tomorrow, and of course, it is highly unlikely, it being Christmas day and all. I wanted to wish you the happiest, the merriest, the laughingest Christmas you've ever enjoyed. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  6. Thanks Jen....but I love my sleep..and my potato salad!..I can't believe I'm such a wimp about being alone with little buggers..but it was fine..they loved me!
    OH April...they are the cutest...
    Relyn..Merry Christmas my new found friend..oh there will be laughs at my house for sure...I've still got it!


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