Friday, December 11, 2009

I had the camera out

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It's always the light that stops me. What a miracle it is. We would be in darkness without it. But it is the shadows that helps us see the light that is already present. What a glorious bitter cold sunny day today...January weather.
Oh my, it's only December. Most days in winter are dull and today I went out and looked for something beautiful...I found a few things


  1. Yes, the shadows within us make the joy stand out even more. Nice metaphors, hey I love reading the meaning in everything.
    Glorious photo. Those diagonal lines add punch to the light too.
    A very spiritual picture.
    I love taking photos on cold days too. Thank God for fingerless gloves, help with the frostbite when we're in the "creative zone"!

  2. What a storm we are all having. Your photo is lovely with the light and dark.

  3. Love this low and chilly light! Gorgeous!


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