Monday, December 21, 2009

A Quiet House

This afternoon I turned the radio TV. I sat in a house of silence. What a gift I have given to myself. I wasn't even going to meditate...I just wanted to hear what was.  My heart breath
Silence surrounded me like a thick warm blanket on a cold morning...comforting. ..Protective
But it can do none of this.......

then I remembered
Be still..
and know..
that I am God

How busy I have been lately hitting the bed at night and just falling asleep without one word to my Lord.
Briefly throughtout the day thoughts of God would sail past the store window of my mind and I would turn my head for a brief look then go on about my day...vowing to return. But I haven't been by for a few days.  God forbid he has a sale to get me in and I fight my way to His storehouse.....
From a little girl I was taught to pray without ceasing. Meaning...that every thought should be prayer to God...a daily communication....not an emergency meeting.  I confess that I have been too busy...God forbid
But something inside of me today needed silence.
and He came to me
and I didn't even know that I needed His presence
I'm happy...tired..but happy
bills paid, grandchildren coming
everyone fights
plenty of food,warmth,clothing
presents under the tree
I love and I am loved...
But I must have needed Him
'cause He came


  1. Beautifully said. I read your previous post and then went back to your post on the labryinth...again beautiful. Happiest of Holidays!

  2. I'm happy you had this day. (even though you didn't answer the phone when I called.)

  3. I love this post. I had a moment of meditation somewhat like this today, too. And then my granddaughters arrived and all heck broke loose!

  4. Those moments of quietness are so very special and precious and important for us to have and cherish. I am going to go right now and turn off the news on the television!!!!

    Sweet quiet house. Yummy

    Have a jolly evening.

  5. Sweet quiet house...that would make a nice sign..wouldn't it,Cory?
    Jenny,grab them when you can
    April, you must have called when I ran out for Pampers for tomorrow's guest..ha ha
    BLue Sky...I love blue skies..I call them heart ache blue...'cause my heart aches when I see one overhead
    and that's a good thing
    thanks for visiting me..Carmel is so beautiful..the air there is special isn't it? At least to this Chicago gal

  6. I know exactly what you mean, especially this time of year when everything is so hectic. It's hard to remember to keep your thoughts on what's most important above all.

  7. I guess that's why we need silence...
    Delightful......what a cute name...Delightful


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