Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to my home

Before the tornadoes arrive from California, I thought I would invite you into my home to take a look. I tried to keep the chaos of Christmas in the Family room and Kitchen.... My Christmas tree has special things hung on it. I couldn't show you everyone. But they are things hung on the tree from my loved ones who are no longer with me. I keep them with me every year by placing them on the tree. My dad's yellow cross made out of packing straps....My brother's shipping tag from his return from VietNam....My uncle's auntie's elephant ornament..
Christmas is a time to remember them....and to give thanks for them
I cherish the Advent wreath my dad made for me....although he made the candle cups a wee bit too small....but this is a cherished thing too
I love the mantle and electric logs in my kitchen that I could not believe my husband let me drag home from Wisconsin...
I love lanterns....they are a symbol of light and the way
I love nativity sets...
I have always wished that there really was a St.Nick that brought gifts to children .... because so many children have it so lousy...This one has cool boots...and I know he is Finnish
My camera pooped out on me before I could show you all the beautiful wall hangings my mom has made for me...tomorrow perhaps

Well that's it....hope you enjoyed the wee tour of my world of Christmas



  1. Oh my gosh, your house is beautiful. Love the brick fireplace and that gorgeous window above the door with the light shining in. Thanks for sharing your special Christmas ornaments and decorations, they must mean so much to you.

  2. Goldenbird,thanks...did you spot my Kitty, Webster, on the sofa snoring away?

  3. All such meaningful things. And I love the first pix with your kitty in it too. A magazine shot.

  4. I had to scroll back down to see the kitty on the loveseat. And the other photo with kitty staring at all the decorations, gorgeous.That's one to enlarge! My brother used to put catnip in our christmas ornaments and drive Princess the cat crazy. Funny the memories that come up!
    Can only imagine the delight of your family when they see this indoor wonderland. Wow!!!!

  5. I hope they see wonder Bev!
    Catnip in an ornament..not fair
    kitty will get blamed for attacking the tree!


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