Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They're here.

 It's now midmight and I am still needed...or is it wanted....hehehe

"tomorrow,snow Grandma!"
I got them boots,snowsuits,gloves and hats....and a sled!!!!!!!
Yes,Reagan,tomorrow go to sleep



  1. Good morning! I will still be watching for you on here when you have time to give us the particulars. I hope we get a pretty little white sprinkle for clean sledding.

  2. I can't believe I made it till midnight...I'm an early go to bedder
    now it begins again
    they're still sleeping at least I've had my coffee
    They loved their puzzles....thanks April

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas Suz!! How could you not with those adorable kids around??!! Thanks for being there these past few weeks. I appreciate it so much!!
    I am really looking forward to 2010 and a chance to "begin again"!!!

  4. You are going to have a wonderful, fun, festive Christmas. I just know that! With those darling grandkids around...oh, my how nice!

    Have a festive day with lots of good time and laughter.

  5. Robin let's get together after the new year
    Cory thanks..I am enjoying them oh so much...but my house...who cares right?
    how do you get stuck on mac and cheese off of an oriental rug?

  6. I had my three yesterday and by two I was ready to nap for the rest of the day! Don't you have a dog? The dog will eat the mac and cheese! Maybe you should get a dog to entertain the kids. ha!

  7. Jenny I don't have a dog :(
    But I did get it off and I did get to bed pretty early..I snuck off


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