Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He stopped by to wish me well


I saved him from the hawk a few times, so I think he knew I needed some encouragement today. Good little Kid.
I am off to the City to be with my daughter,Amelia, who is going in to have her baby tonight. She is felling better,unlike yesterday where she was running a temp and having gastro issues. But her husband called and said "She wants her mamma." Praise be.
I remember when I had her, my first born. It wasn't a good time for me. I was in the throws of deep, deep, sorrow and grief. Looking back, I don't know how I got through it, other than, I didn't have a choice..grief or no grief, I was going to have a baby. So this has been a time of deep reflection for me. How resilient the body and spirit are..how when we have faith, we can climb that mountain.
So today, I will be with my daughter and with the 23 year old who didn't think she could ever get through her grief and be a mom at the same time. But I did. And she,Amelia, was the reason. Now I can be there for her.
Think of us today and tomorrow as she enters this space, that for her is the unknown. Pray that all goes well for her and the little baby boy inside her.
It is a fragile time and I know this, and part of me is scared,so please pray for us, that all goes well, and tomorrow I can tell you his name.
And Kid squirrel, isn't he cute? But boy, there is no end to his appetite for sunflower seeds.
But he is my beauty and joy this morning. And for this I give thanks.
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  1. Great pose from Kid. Yes, he too is looking forward to the upcoming event. Such a connection we have to nature, I myself feel so at peace allowing it in. You do too!
    Good luck to you and yours on the birth of your grandson. What a great gift he is for the holidays! I pray for good energy and healing to cross your paths in the upcoming hours.
    Life is so cyclic isn't it? Memories are triggered and yet there's always that connection.Thanks for sharing your own life as a soon to be mom. Your honesty about your feelings is beautiful. Each experience is different, yet similar.
    Life is such a miracle!

  2. Sweet and thoughtful post today. I will be thinking of you and your daughter and all the family.

    Cute squirrel.

    Hugs to you.

  3. I will keep you both in my prayers. I've already sent positive vibrations to the little baby boy-he's going to be fine and will be soon creating havoc with mommy and melting his gramma's heart.

  4. Praying for daughter, baby and you!! Hope all goes well!!!

  5. Suz,

    I will be praying for you, Amelia, and the sweet the little baby boy!

    Please keep us posted!


  6. Thinking of you all tonight, Sue. Maybe you are even on your way to the hospital by now. I pray everything goes easy for your daughter and tomorrow will be a new life for all. God bless.

  7. Now that is a precious, adorable image. And a great story.

  8. I was so moved by your post, Suz. My thoughts are with you, your daughter and the baby during this sacred time.

    The picture of the squirrel is adorable. We have lots of squirrels in my neighborhood and so many people feed them you have to be careful they don't run right inside your house. Pretty dangerous when you have two hungry cats :o) Take care of yourself.

  9. Bev,miracles are such miracles...how many do we miss? thanks for your good thoughts for me and Amy
    Dogwood,Did Rocky tell you to mention the cute squirrel?
    Elena..coming from you..good vibes are the best thanks
    Robin,I've been thinking of you too,knowing the path before you is a sad one this month...Thanks for your prayers and I will continue to keep you in mine
    Sara...you are a sweetie..thanks for your good wishes for my daughter..Did you know I call you my blogger daughter?
    April,you don't have to say a word..I feel your love and that lump in your throat..thanks
    Goldenbird,It is indeed a sacred time and just think we all participated in it at the beginning of our lives..and your so right about kitties and squirrels...My kitty,Miss Kity O'Shea is the grand squirrel watcher in this house...she chatters the kill sound if he gets too close to the glass
    Relyn,have you ever seen an unadorable squirrel? thanks for your kind words


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