Thursday, December 3, 2009

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  1. Yes, a wonderful symbol of words and images reflecting this special time! Did you make this, Suz?

  2. Beautiful words and a beautiful piece.

  3. No, my daughter bought it for me when she was in college....That long ago?!

  4. That is one of my favorite quotes! My other favorite is "A mothers holds a childs hands for alittle while but their hearts forever" I think thats the way it goes. When my daughter left home I just cried and cried for weeks and then I seen a stitchery with that saying on it and I had to have it. I ended up giving it to her because she ask why I was crying so much,she had just moved down the street,I told her one day when your baby moves out think of me and you will know why I cried so much. Oh gosh sorry I rambled on.

  5. It is me again.

    ***If Rocky lived near you, he would give you lots of hugs. He is very out-going and friendly and loves people.

    ***To go to Teresa's website you can either go to my post and "click" on T Pots Pottery or go directly to

    Have a beautiful evening...

  6. Yes, we are mother's forever...if only silently
    Thanks Cory..I love her work


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