Monday, December 14, 2009

Barbed Wire and Black Polish......a story I have been working on...

Ever since I cut my hair short and went blonde she stares at it everytime I'm in her checkout lane at Ralph's Market. Last week she tapped the printed sign in front of the register with a nasty smirk on her face,
"Nancy's Snack Cakes are today's special,buy one, get two free,are you interested?"
She knows darn well, like everyone else at Ralph's, that I have been dieting for the last six month.
Thankfully,Sally,the checker in the next lane leaned over and gushed
"Girl,love those chandelier earrings!"
I was about to say "Thank you" but was interrupted by an annoying throat clearing,
"Do you have coupons? Need Stamps?"

Now, here she is sitting across from me at VIP Nail salon getting a pedicure, too. I don't like her. Truthfully,I don't think she likes me. What's she doing here anyway, this is my salon.
Good heavens,she's rolling up her pant leg like she's auditioning for a porn film,and son of a gun she's got a badassed barbed wire tattoo around her ankle! I feel her eyeballs lasering in on me and look away,hand the nail tec black polish for my toenails:so happy I didn't go with the pink. I nonchalantly glance up and our eyes lock. We give each other a quick nod.

Topcoat finished, the nail girl not only helps me down off the chair,but calls me, Mam! "I'm fine" I say with steel in my voice,catching the glee in "Miss tattoo lady's" eyes. I slip my toes under the blue drying light and soon,she sits across from me acting like she hasn't seen me. Her hair is short and spikey...when did that happen?

Without looking up she utters.."You like it,don't you?" then gives her hair a quick touch with her fingers.
Startled,"Yeah," slips out of my mouth. Then quickly I say,"bitch" under my breath.
"You two friends?" asks the owner.
We both do a body shift,our toes touch.
I can only get out,"No,"
before she finishes,"we're sisters."


  1. Funny! Love your stories.

    Your toes must look lovely! I have never gotten a pedicure but getting a massage on Wednesday. Yipee!

    Oh and yes...isn't Rocky's girlfriend just the sweetest!

  2. Ha polish for me...never
    This was an attempt at micro fiction...300 words that should have a surprise ending
    I based it on a lady..who is now a friend...who worked at my local Jewel Store....

  3. Oh Cory you must treat yourself to a pedicure....
    massages...for me a regular.....
    thanks Elena

  4. Great micro story. The ending was quite a surprise.

  5. Too funny. Thanks for sharing. Great ending.

  6. Not real? Seemed believable. In our writing class we're working on adding twists (surprises) to our stories. No black nail polish Suz. I just bought some really dark blue polish just to stretch my persona a bit.
    Good story, hope you post more. You have a wonderful style that keeps me interested throughout.
    Love how you always mix your posts up. You are diversified!

  7. great short (micro) story!!! you had me, Suz! LOL. surely you're going to submit it some place?

  8. No one saw it coming? yeah!
    Thanks Janean....
    Bev...twists are hard in a story
    and doing it in such a small word count is difficult....I don't think I could do it again...but who knows...I'm busy on my other project BOOK..and about being my bogging....I bore I have to mix it up!
    But I promise you..I don't sing

  9. This is wonderful. Just great. And, no, I didn't see it coming.

  10. Relyn..thanks and thanks for making me think about my mother's hand in mine

  11. That's me and my sis in a nut shell. Love the story. Great read. Leaves you wanting more.

  12. kidding?! Did I get it right.. hahaha

  13. Yep you got it right except for the colour of the nail polish hehehe

  14. Suz, you've done it again--with an entirely different subject matter! I agree with everyone--your talents are wide-ranging! LOVE your stories : )

  15. Hey CL....I have been waiting to read yours.....keep writing about that Netta


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