Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Magic

Yes, making magic is a burden. In the end it usually works out fine...except that we are exhausted. Good old fashioned tired. I'm already there. But not because of Christmas. Family in flux. That's it. We all are feeling it. But movement is good in a family,at least I see it that way. I know families that try to hold on to the exact way of doing things and the family is miserable...because they are not "family" anymore...they are "families". It takes a while to figure it out. But bless the families that take the time to grow as they should. I had a Swedish girlfriend years back,Sigrid. She was ten years older than me. My oldest was the age of her youngest. She gave me good advice. Hold on with loose reins. She was right. Let them go to live their own lives and they will always be part of your life. Wise Swede.
The good part also is to realize that these things are going on inside of me. Fortunatley, I have a few good friends that I can talk to. Saying it is often enough. That's what good friends are for...our witnesses. Not our fixers. Bless them for just listening.
Today I woke up with a sinus problem. Yeah! I am so happy that it wasn't that I was feeling old...which I wasn't ...but my face felt puffy and I felt so tired. Yeah...I'm sick.
I'm going to see my daughter,Sarah today. Going to check out a condo she and her hubby have been looking at. Nice that they still want our opinion. But I know they will do just exactly what they want to do fact, our opinion will just cement in their minds that they are right!
Oh well, I see that as a good sign too. Free to make their own mistakes and free to get it right. A mom and dad can only look on and hold out the net...which you can't let them see,of course.
So my dear Blogger friends,thanks for the ears you have lent me yesterday and today...for being my witnesses.....I'm fine
In fact I'm going to wear my red shoes today! And I put the ankle bracelets back on and my energy bell hangs around my neck on a siver chain....
I'm back


  1. Hold on with loose reigns. I love that. A good friend, that Sigrid.

  2. Wow, another great blog post from you. My philosopy is the same as yours about loving and letting go of adult children. It is such a treat to see my children as mature adults and leading their lives on their own with confidence and love for family.

    Hope to see your red shoes!

  3. I'm trying, Sue. In fact, I do do that most of the time. But when your child is struggling, it's hard. The rules don't always work, but I'm trying not to bend the ruler quite so much. Putting my energy bracelet on today! I hope you feel better!

  4. I didn't say it was easy!
    I am feeling very good today as usual...that's because I was able to acknowledge the icky stuff and get rid of it


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