Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My favorite Christmas Movie...Heidi


I just love this movie. Everything about it. I think it taps into something in my upbringing.
The wonder of Christmas,grandfather and good people.
I have always been a sucker for good triumphing over bad.
I love how grandfather cannot resist this charming,loving little girl....I love how his gruffness melts away.
The power of love.
A wonderful Christmas movie.
It's snowing now and there's a storm on the way....I think I'll make meatballs and mashed potatoes,and greenbeans, tonight...
pop in the DVD and enjoy the season of love
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  1. I want to watch that movie! Love is the most wonderful feeling.

    Yummy sounding dinner...comfort food.

    Stay warm and cozy.

    How is the little baby and family doing?

  2. Well,Cory,you have the snow for it! It would be perfect tonight
    Comfort food indeed...and easy!
    Reality is settling in...they don't sleep much...But we all got through it,right?
    But he is adorable....a wonderful new life
    Without love...what is there?

  3. I too love that movie,so very special as is your blog.
    We are prepared for the storm here in Traverse City as well.
    I'll make Spaghetti & meatballs tonight and say a prayer for that Canary.

  4. When I read my blog, thoughts of Nettas and nut-jobs fill my head. But when I read yours, I feel peace. Thanks, Sue, for your beautiful words!

  5. Artistamyjo...Spagetti and meatballs...you know, that was my first choice...but no sauce! Not one can of tomato paste or sauce...I've been busy with my daughter's needs...GOT TO GO SHOPPING NOW
    I have never been to Traverse City...but my best bud just loves it there...She swears Michigan has the best Sunsets..??true??
    ANyway...thanks for stopping by and joining my circle of kindred souls! Welcome...I also like the Littlest Colonel...when she throws mud on her grandpa...HA!!
    C.L.Smith....awh shucks..but are you kidding...to write a story that someone can't wait for the next word...that's wonderful.....You have made Netta a memorable character...I can only hope she isn't real... But thanks for your kind words..How's the job hunting going?

  6. Suz! I assure you that if my ramblings ever do become a book (oh, wouldn't that be wonderful!), you'll be the first to receive a free copy! As for my job hunt, my diligent efforts have yielded a few leads but none that have translated into a job. But I remain optimistic...and there are many others who are struggling more than I am right now, so I continue to count my blessings and hope the tide will soon turn : )

  7. Of course it will be wonderful...why not?
    you have some memorable characters...now write it with casting in mind....who would play Netta? How about Meryl? Oh yes!

  8. I forget about Heidi being a Christmas movie, I'll have to revisit it.
    I love the old version of The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant, so sweet. And I consider White Christmas a must, I'll put it in while I iron.
    We also had snow today, with more coming, it really makes it feel like Christmas!
    Your writing is beautiful, such a way with words.

  9. WHy Red, thanks. The Bishop's Wife..very nice movie....If they remade it today Loretta Young would be messing around with the angel..don't you think?

  10. I've never seen Heidi! But I think I read the book as a child. The movie I most look forward to during the hoiday season is The Sound of Music. I love that movie.

    Yum, meatballs and mash potatoes sound good. I'm a big time mash potato fan. Hope you're enjoying the snow.

  11. Haven't watched that movie in ages I guess. Have to get it! Love that picture from it.

  12. Oh my goodness....someone hasn't seen Shirley Temple in Heidi? Better get to it. I love the Sound of Music too....that tension between the two..oh romance....They don't make movies like them anymore...There,I said it.Hi APril...where you been?

  13. I had never, ever thought about this as a Christmas movie. In fact, I'd forgotten about it at all. Now I have to put in on my Netflix queue so that Sloane and I can watch it. I sure did love the book as a child. Happy Thursday.

  14. Sloane will love it...the little Heidi has guts and fortitude...and so much love...and it all culminates on Christmas Eve when your aunt DEE DEE wants to sell her to the gypsies..and grandfather scours the streets looking for her..oh I love that movie...


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