Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hells Bells are coming today

Today my grandchildren from Laguna Beach are coming!
I'll step back and take a look at my nice, orderly, clean house...BECAUSE,by 6pm tonight all bets are off....toys,luggage,cups,Goldfish,clothes,bikes,trucks,dolls,..well, you get the picture..will be everywhere.
I just hope that this time that aren't sick. The last three visits they have been sick. Oh well,we'll roll with the punches.
I have some last minute fresh fruit to buy and "grandma I need Chocolate milk" to get. The presents are finally all wrapped, and now I have to hide them. I never thought my son would do the Santa thing....but I guess being a father changes a lot of your previous held thinking.
Baby Finn is being baptised this Sunday......I am so happy that he is being baptised so early in his life,unlike his cousins who I had to do the Archie Bunker thing to. When they finally told us they were being baptised...I said...I took care of that already. I didn't even get in trouble..can you believe it...They even laugh about it now. But they did get baptised in church with "real" water.
What is it about children that makes hoildays...especially Christmas so wonderful? Is it simply wonder itself? Or is it that we get to visit our own childhood again?
I hope to still blog all week..even if its' at 2am.....so I'll be checking all my favorite friends...that's you....so fear not...someone out there will read if you post....If you don't post....have a wonderfilled,magical,Christ centered Christmas...and if you do not follow any religious practice....I wish you a family filled, warm...inside and out...wonderfilled...holiday with those you love!

Blessings and Merry Christmas

:) Susan
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  1. How cute. I pick up my son and daughter in law today at the airport also-- flying in from NYC. I do have one grandson but he lives close by.
    happy holidays to you and yours

  2. Would you believe that I hear excitment stirring in your words!
    Layers (I like that name) I wish for you a loving holiday surrounded by what fills your heart
    Can you feel the national buzz...family returning to family
    what great energy
    I truly appreciate your visit to my circle of life

  3. You made me laugh about the beautiful,clean house thing,because I just got done cleaning up goldfish,toys,half licked candy canes and some things that I just couldn't recognize,and they just live down the street from me! Have fun and Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh Buffy..I am so happy for you that your grandson is well for Christmas
    who cares about mess..right?
    mess all you want

  5. I'm really happy you had a "be still" moment yesterday cuz I suspect you are gonna need it. I'm so excited and happy that you have this invasion of little people. We no longer clean much before they all come over. I do the bathrooms and that's about it. I'm happy for you, Suz! And, BTW, eat your wheaties and load up on vitamins!

  6. Oh, my gosh those children are soooo cute! I just want to reach out and hug and squeeze them.

    Oh, my you are an incredible lady. Love the story about the little ones being baptised!

    Enjoy the excitement in your home and have fun with your family.

  7. They are sooooooooo cute!!! But good thing you had a quiet day yesterday!!!

  8. It's midnight and they still want grandma..oh woe
    and the house is no longer neat
    Cory so glad you liked the baptism story it's true....
    both of them got the Archie Bunker special.....
    Jen if they lived here I'm sure I would be more relaxed and I have taken my vitamins as instructed
    Robin..they are cuter then they even look..and I am glad I got my batteries charged up yesterday..'cause it's going to be a whirlwind as usual

  9. Aren't grandchildren just the best??? Merry Christmas to you and your family Suz.

  10. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family - they sound like a blast - and I hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas if I don't talk to you before then! :)

  11. Suz, i am sooooooo glad your grandbabies came to your home for Christmas and that baby Finn is being baptized. I laughed about the "Archie Bunker thing." I noticed granddaughter has a Band-Aid on each big toe...hope she's okay (or was that another "i want a band-aid grandma" thing? ((((Hugs)))) and blessings!

  12. They are SO cute. Have a wonderful time! Merry Christmas.

  13. What darling little munchkins! I know you are happy they are here. My Julie got Danielle a sled and leggings to go with her winter jacket too. Hope "Daddy" is ready! haha

  14. I love you ladies...We all can so relate
    Uta they are the best
    Sara..they are so funny...reagan made me sit on the floor while she gave a command performance of jingle bells banging on her play keyboard..too funny
    Elena...I will...but my tuchus is dragging...I'm older now you know
    Janean...YES! you saw those band-aids
    How funny..They are DORA band-aids....
    grandpa fell for her story that she needed them while out shopping...she had them everywhere..even on her belly button! GOOD EYE girl
    Oh and about those baptisms..what's a grandma supposed to do..I did have an accomplice....grandpa...we still giggle about it...we did it in California while they weren't looking!
    that will teach em! mess with us will ya hehe

  15. Oh April...what a dream of an auntie Julie is....let it snow

  16. Your grandkids are adorable! That is such a cute picture. Love those smiles. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Suz, and lots of fun with your family.

  17. thank you goldenbird
    I read your post about Eagles
    In January we can see many of them along the Mississippi in Dubuque near the locks
    they are the best..it is emotional seeing them


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