Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm home now waiting. She went in at 8:30. They said it would be started tonight , but the baby probably wouldn't be born until tomorrow. She and her husband,Jerry, are doing fine. They wanted me to go home and they would call us. I repect that. I won't get any sleep tonight tossing and turning, but one thing I always do for my children is to respect their wishes. This is their time.
Thank you for wishing them well and for your good thoughts and prayers..I feel them.
When I was 8 months pregnant with Amelia, my beloved brother died suddenly. It was hard getting through my last month. But I did and I had the most wonderful daughter,who now will be a most wonderful mother herself.
It's not being a grandma that is so emotional for me now, it is my bond with Amelia and that time of my life. This was an inward journey I didn't know would happen. But it is always about journey..whether we see it or not
Thanks for listening


  1. Ah, that darned phase....WAITING. But all will be alright. It's understandable, the feelings you're going through. The brain makes strange connections with memories sometimes. But think of it this way. Your brother is sending you a mental vibe saying all will be ok sis and he'll be watching out for this little one.

  2. Oh thank you Elena,I know this is true...but the waiting is SO hard..and yes, my brother was with me when she was born....but that's another story..thanks for the hugs

  3. Thank you for sharing your sad story about your brother dying when you were pregnant with Amelia. It sounds like you have a very sweet bond/relationship with her.

    I will always listen to you dear friend.

    Have a peaceful day and hugs to you.


  4. Oh Dogwood,thank you so much...the waiting is so tough....and yes, there is a special bond for me....
    And thank you for letting me call you Cory
    I love your hugs

  5. Agh, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.
    Sending you all some (((((hugs))))) and kisses xxx

  6. Uta, a pair of blue pumps would cheer me right up!

  7. I'm so sorry you lost your brother when you were eight months pregnant, Suz. I can't even imagine the grief you must have felt.

    It's heartwarming to read about your special bond with Amelia. I'm eager to hear all about the new grandbaby.

  8. Oh Sue...The mixture of emotions. I don't think I knew the time slot of your brother's death. And now, a new birth coming forth again. The bond will be tighter yet. The blessing of this newborn.


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