Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last summer this little yellow bird showed up at my feeder. No one believed me that it was a canary,until I got a picture of him. My friend lost her bird one summer when the door was left open and out he flew. Though I hadn't seen her in 20 years, I felt her pain now. Her beloved Peety..gone.
So I called PAWS to see if anyone had reported their canary missing. Need I tell you I got a snicker on the other side of the phone. "No,no one" she managed to say before saying goodbye.
But I knew he did belong to someone. All I could do was make sure there was always seed in the feeders. His buddies,the cardinals and finches showed him the rest. He stayed all summer...a happy yellow spot in my trees. then Fall came and he stayed and then winter....He was brave....and my heart broke with every drop in temperature.

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  1. That was sweet of you to try and find out if anyone lost a canary. It's funny, a yellow canary showed up on my sister's patio last year with a tag around one of it's legs. I hope your little yellow guy has found shelter some place warm.

  2. Your sister and I have many shared experiences....I'm thinking about what she found under the bed in that hotel!
    Why us?
    Oh....tomorrow...the rest of the story

  3. Or was that Dogwood's Sister?!?

  4. We have little "flocks" of canaries around our backyard as well as an amazing bunch of lovebirds that are so colorful. I think the lovebirds are actually kind of mean birds, though! Contrary to their name!

  5. Jenny, you do? that is amazing
    At our old house we had a medium sized parrot in the stayed for about a week and then was gone.
    In Galena a Wild Turkey flew up to our second story deck! Imagine our shock....

  6. I had a parakeet a long time ago named Petey so this story stirred those memories. Also, I remember some "wild parakeets" feeding on some bird seed amongs the sparrows down below us. I wondered who had lost them.Such a site to see, yet all sharing from the same communal feed! A lesson?
    Well, I think you did your part in making this little yellow bird happy!
    We can't do it all, but each little gesture adds up, don't you think?


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