Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was 52 before
I found a gray hair
and thought I was special
I wasn't aging like my friends

Little did I know Mother Nature
plays no favorites
My time came
just as I began to change

my life
lost weight
cut my hair short
went blonde

Just as I pierced
my ears at 55
practiced Pilates
twice a week

Oh, yes, she waited
...a patient hag
While I was busy
saying Yes to life
she snuck by me

I was all tricked out
waiting for a party
but it never came
at least not how I wanted it

Instead, it was a quiet
tea,with soft music
and tasty little sandwiches

She walked in the door and poured me a cup



  1. Quiet tea with soft music and tasty little sandwiches is my kind of party

  2. You talented lady you! I love this poem. Your ending is fabulous. I wonder what will be on you next post. More creative fun!

    Off to color my hair!

  3. Just had to comment -I LOVE your photography! Haven't had time lately to read the blogs, but had to view your pictures!! Grackles? I don't think I've ever seen them here inour yard!! Wonderful!

  4. So,Ladies...we all can relate!
    Marjorie...hello...where have you been?
    Grackles...come in bread
    they make a racket...and are very funny

  5. I'll have to keep on the lookout for Grackles! Maybe I just never noticed them!


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