Friday, December 4, 2009

Leaving my garage the other day to have breakfast with my friend,Mary, I paused on this bucket I had dragged in from the yard. It was a bucket of rocks I had either in pots of flowers,in a fountain or just in the garden. I gathered them, then left the bucket on the deck under a bird feeder. Last week I brought the bucket in and put it in the garage with the other items from summer. Would you believe these sunflower seeds sprouted in my garage....dark garage?
The life powerful. Sprouting with no light,no soil,only rocks. Of course they will soon die...the seedlings are already turning light green and getting lanky from seeking the light...which there isn't any in my garage..unless I leave the door open. And today it is 25 degrees out. So they will wither and die. Sad. Even if I plucked them out and planted them in soil...they would be weak seedlings...and never bloom. Let go. But it is a joy now to see their sprout and grow.
And isn't it striking to see the "love" rock in the pail? What a picture.
Grow where you're planted. And just as in life..some "seeds" sprout only to be deprived of the perfect growing medium. But most humans grow inspite of their "soil"...and some become beautiful, strong, adults,loving and caring and smart.
Oh the garden, it provides so many lessons.
So...grow,grow, is your destiny


  1. Wow I love this post. Very profound, yet true. And then I think how serendipitous at the same time.Great photo.
    I checked in on you originally to say email me and I will send you the bookmark of your choice off my blog.

  2. Thanks are so kind

  3. I saw your comment on a Red Writing post and thought I'd come to visit. Beautiful first post. I'll come back and read again!

  4. Hi Jenny! So happy you took a peek here..please come by often

  5. Suz, what a wonderful story and great reminder to not give up, but grow-grow-grow! thank you for these words of wisdom.

  6. Janean...I'll bet we all know people who have had pails for lives growing up...but are so wonderful inspite of it


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