Sunday, December 20, 2009

She said I was a Mench

I reference my friend from my posting of Sept.4,2009. She called me a Mench. This woman had woven in and out of my life through various classes and workshops. She was there from the beginning of my infamous poem "The Rabbits"  She was there when it first appeared right out of my a free flow session of writing of which we were to pull lines to form into a poem. Somehow it was time for that memory to be released. It was about a long buried memory from childhood. Needless to say there are folks who hate strong emotion and there are those struggling to keep their's tightly capped.
She is the one who encouraged me to write on,when one day I overheard a very tightly wound woman in the class say "I hope we don't hear anymore about rabbits this afternoon." Those words just about killed the emerging poet in me. My friend came to me when she saw me sitting alone on the council ring overlooking Lake Michigan. She befriended me that day and many days afterward. Most times a kind word,a hug,an encouragement.."you are a powerful writer,that is given to must keep writing..hone your skills..but keep writing and forget about cowards like her. You dare to look where most will not even peek. She called me a mench. I didn't ask her what it meant..but she said it with a smile so I figured it meant I was a character.  I have since learned that it means a human being,upright,honorable,decent,someone to admire. I could cry just thinking about her calling me that. Bless her.
 She also called me a writer. Bless her for that.
So that day when I walked the Labyrinth with her (see Sept 4th posting) little did she know that she had changed the trajectory of my life by knowing her....a Mench
I have learned to be a gatherer. Many reach out to us and we don't see. She set that right with me. Now I listen with the keanest ear. I admire and honor the wisdom of wise women who have walked before me. Everything we need to know to live a beautiful life is out there for our taking .... seizing.
I have learned to flutter around beautiful healthy flowers,not wasting my time on dying or dead ones..they have no sustenance for me. Being with them I will die of starvation,my wings slowly ceasing their flutter..closing up....a dead beautiful butterfly..but dead nontheless
I like Menches....I am always on the lookout for them....but usually they find me.
Thank you, Judith.


  1. That is so beautiful. You are a wonderful lady. I love your writing and your strong curiousity about life and nature. I also admire you for your ability to stay in the moment. Thanks for being a fabulous role model for me. I really mean it!

    Oh and yes...Goldenrod and I would love to be able to drop-by for tea, cookie and conversation. That would be so much fun.

    Have a jolly day.

  2. That was such an inspiring post. Thank goodness for friends like Judith. I like the metaphor of fluttering around healthy flowers and not wasting time on dead ones. I know exactly what you mean.

    Regarding your last comment on my blog, the cats snooze on a regular old heating pad I bought at the drug store. I think they are addicted to it and often wonder how they can lay there for so many hours without bursting in to flame :o)
    I watched Sex in the City on DVD, too, and really enjoyed it.

  3. my post, I meant Goldenbird not Goldenrod. Oh, dear these senior moments are coming more often!!!

  4. I love you two!
    and Goldenrod..I mean have me in stitches thinking about the cats bursting away from the heating pad...I guess on low it's cozy...Dare I spoil mine?
    and you and the city
    it was fun wasn't it...i kept telling my husband it was digusting and I couldn't believe that they really had this on TV!...then told him I had to go and finish watching it!!!!!!!
    I'll put the kettle on right now,Cory
    thanks for saying such nice things you Mench

  5. What a beautiful story. Judith sounds wonderfully wise. Mench. Yep, that's you. And I like your butterfly metaphor. I know I'm like the snot-nosed kid in class who just won't follow directions but you do help me with your words. Huge hugs!

  6. Suz, when you become world famous, please tell this entire story on your book tours, you mench you!

  7. What a nice story. Judity - like an angel appearing to guide your feelings. I never read your rabbit story.

  8. No one will ever read that story again...I am done done done with it...but it had to be written
    you wouldn't like it anyway April
    animals were hurt in the making of it
    yeah that bad...but true..oh not by me! heavens NO!
    Elena..Judith was a no fuss person..she either liked you or she couldn't be bothered with you...she is an excellent poet...a professor
    she is an example how one person's words can change your life if you are open to them
    Janean...will you ride shotgun with me on that tour? It would be a blast


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