Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a bit of writing

                                                        How Grandma Freed Us

When I was little I was ashamed of her
the smell of fish lingered around her always

When she smiled she never hid  her cavernous mouth
that revealed tough gums that had no memory of teeth

Her quilted,dark blue jacket frightened me
the smell of it made me want to runaway
from her

She always wore the same black cap
pulled over her head
one she knitted 
a long time ago

Ashamed I was
that this woman was my grandmother
this woman,with deeply lined skin, like leather
bushy eyebrows and oily gray hair

Ashamed, until one day
I saw her rescue a rabbit
while on our way home from the market

I had begged her to let me see Mr. Olsen's rabbits
But I pleaded and she yielded
waited by the gate while I went back
to see the rabbits

Grandma was right
he was a bad man

Dirty, crowded cages
piles and piles of dead rabbit
bodies behind a shed

My eye caught sight of a suffering rabbit
its foot almost shorn from frantic rubbing
back and forth trying to free itself

I screamed out to grandma
and with powerful hands she forced
that cage open and freed the suffering rabbit
wrapped him in her black knit cap

She folded me into her arms
and I wept into her smelly blue jacket

truth hidden behind and in a story



  1. This is so touching. When we suddenly see beyond the facade of someone and see the beauty that is inside it is so powerful. Grandma was a beautiful person.

  2. Wonderful writing, Sue. One reads on wondering what will happen and then that ending catches you. Just beautiful.

  3. Thank you Cindee aand welcome to my circle of life..I appreciate your comments..and yes it is so true we often overlook the person for the appearance
    Thank you April..the ending catches you...oh yes it is the poem..the first writing I tried to explain it in the poem..then cut cut cut and then what was left was the essence...wonderful don't tell

  4. Oh, how true. Sometimes we miss the good things in life because of our misguided mind of just looking outside instead of inside.


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