Saturday, December 26, 2009

I know I said I would try to write a post......what was I thinking? I did check everyone's on  my blog list...brave souls who snuck to the computer to have their say. I wasn't near a least not one they would let me touch..and at night...crash!
Truly it has been a whirlwind of visiting and baby holding and kid toy playing......phew!
Oh and my eating....grab one of these one of those.....hand in the chips...a cookie here and chocolate bites....Oh am I sorry
and oh am I tired.
But they will only be here for a short time and then they are gone....and I won't see them in person until spring...a lot of growing goes on in those short months...and I will miss it all.....:(
But I still have the little Finn......this one I can watch grow right before my eyes...yeah
But then there is the big elephant in the room.....weight gain...yes..there I said it...weight gain
you know how to do it SusieQ..what we need out of you is action...
I vow to get back to my fighting weight of 130 by February...there I said it
you are my witnesses
but for today....The Bulls game... with the Police Memorial Foundation....a function with the Gold Star Families...the kids get to go on the court and run around and meet some players and shoot some baskets....Thank you much excitement
So I'll see you later.....they want breakfast.......wish I had a cook



  1. Been wondering if you were being held hostage by "the savages" as my son loves to call little kids!! They will have so many great memories of Grandma when they go home! And if they don't remember the details they will surely remember the love!!! I hope they're enjoying this amazing and magical snowfall!! I love it!!!!!

  2. Yes! What memories you are making! And then Finn will keep you busy until Spring. And, oh yes, the goodies and that weight that stays there. I know all about that. By the way, did you ever have "gum drops and spanish peanuts"? Yum. I will have to blog about that.

  3. Yes Robin I have been held hostage by darling imps....who ran all around the ball court at the Stadium...what fun..they liked the flakes but not walking through the snow! go figure..Oh I do love them and I think they will go home missing us
    OH Finn what a will be nice watching him grow...another pound tonight I'm sure...I'm sick of eating
    gum drops and spanish peanuts...I'll have a few please

  4. Eh weight gain, lets not talk about that. Oh well its back to routine of gym and sensible eating as of Monday.

  5. Oh Uta I missed my mail delivery!
    I have to wait until tomorrow...Monday!

  6. How much is the ransom to get you back???

  7. Oh Uta!!!! April!!
    Would you believe I have nothing to say...well not really...I'm just on down time....I don't know what's with me...I've read everyone's blogs...but I can barely respond...NOT LIKE ME...I make it a point to comment...If someone has given of themselves to me (not just me,but it seems that way when I'm reading) I react..and want to communicate...but I've lost my blogging mojo!
    Oh bother
    goodness gracious
    oh lordie
    but I love you all...really

  8. Me too, except I just want to get under 200 by Feb!
    You can do it.
    I can too.
    Moving is the key, like you said.

  9. Easy,Bethany.
    Just be deliberate about it
    and seek in your heart what you really desire
    I'm certain it is not weight loss
    I know through experience...just a guess


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