Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh dear, I am so weary. I just wrote the nicest post about the picture of my geraniums still blooming. And son of a disappeared when I went to post it. It was about three paragraphs long. My brain is fried, and I just can't go back and rewrite it.
The gist of it was I spared the geraniums another day...because I saw Christmas in their faces. You would have liked it....too bad...wasn't meant to be.
boo hoo
Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes
...........I hope.


  1. Oh, that has happened to me. I about tossed the computer out the window!

    I asked My #1 Guy (he-he and that is not Rocky although he comes in a close second) Forrest about Galena and he was familiar with the area. I looked Galena up on the computer and it looks very nice. Kind of similar to our sweet Grass Valley/Nevada City area.

  2. You betcha...I wanted to throw it right out the window! I just about brilliant words...gone ...And the hair on my neck stood up when you mentioned Galena...that was going to be my first post..I actually wrote it and it wasn't going where I wanted it to i wrote another post about Hallmark movies and romance and the wizard of oz and Christmas...!! and then it was gone! eeeeek!
    I think we are connecting on a different plane...scary
    Yes Galena is where the glacier missed and it it beautiful with mounds and hills and valleys...the rest of Illinois is pretty flat....but I like that too....I love to see the horizon....all around me
    nothing like it
    SO you liked my comment about ranking!

  3. I've missed coming to see your pictures and read your words. I'm back in the world again and will keep checking for updates on the new bebe's progress.

  4. Ha! Just ditto Elena's comment for me :)

  5. I want to read that post! Geranium is beautiful. Sweet. Christmas in it's face. Are you sure it's gone? Did you go into "Edit Posts" and maybe it's there? (you can edit or view) Try hitting "Save" at the bottom once in a while, while you are typing and maybe it would still be there.

  6. I did hit save...but I think the problem came from having signed in asked me to sign i and then poof my post was gone! But I will from now on save save save,April!
    Hi Uta Hi Elena.....missed you guys
    I'm headed up north daughter is not feeling well at all..temp ...and baby isnot moving much and she is a I'm a wreck.....but Dec 2 is coming soon

  7. Ooh, how frustrating that you lost your writing. I've done that, too, and it made me scream. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your grandbaby ... what a wonderful holiday gift.

  8. I think we've all done that at least once. Some people write everything in a text file and then copy it into the post. Too much trouble for me. It's mostly crossed fingers.

  9. Mr. McGregor's Daughter
    yeah, that's me...lots of crossed fingers
    Isn't it amazing what's still blooming?


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