Monday, November 23, 2009

Soup day



I actually had a day to do as I wish.
Nails. That's what I did. Shallow I know, but a girl has to take care of herself. Then I went shopping for the last of the list for Thanksgiving. As I passed the meat counter, I saw the nicest packages of oxtails that I have seen in LONG time. That's it. Soup day.
So, what does Kokopelli have to do with this,you ask?
It is a gloomy,dull,gray-cloud day. Not too cold, but a bit damp...the worst feeling..on olding bones...I refuse to say it's olding.
I went into the garden on my morning walk looking for beauty and there wasn't much. A few roses are still struggling to hold onto their unopened buds and the grass is still a nice color of green, but nothing hit me in my stillness. That is until I looked up and saw Kokopelli playing his flute against the barren trees against the bleak sky. This made me laugh. Kokopelli is the flute playing casanova of the Southwest. He is supposed to usher us from winter into spring..carrying seeds and song. He is a music maker,a dancer ..and always spreading joy...knowing the harvest will come. I bought this windchime at TJMAXX..yeah, that's right. It has the most beautiful sound. Delicate and enchanting. Seeing him dance above the trees made me happy and it hit my stillness.
This put me in a good mood for grocery shopping.
Then the universe gave the oxtails (lots of little ones) and I came home and made a big pot of oxtail vegetable soup. I had to tell my kids it was beef vegtable soup for the longest time. They never would have eaten "oxtails". Now they do.
Yes, seeing beauty in Kokopelli against the bleak sky was meant to be, and now I have a happy DH. Soup tonight!
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  1. Beautiful picture of the "bleak" sky and branches along with Kokopelli.

    Sounds like a perfect day for soup.

    Enjoy your evening!

    PS~Rocky invites you to come over to Pink Dogwood Blossom and read about him. He loves being the "star" on my blog!

  2. Ha ha! You know...he really is a star...he could be the first cat Blogstar

  3. You made lemonade from a lemon of a day. (or something like that)


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