Monday, November 2, 2009

Full Moon Tonight

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Now remember, tonight you leave out a bowl of water to soak up the moon's light. Then tomorrow you infuse it with a few drops of lavender oil..then mist your home.
Put your regrets,failings,disappointments and sorrows on some paper, then release them to God under the light of the full moon into the light of a candle. The full moon is a reminder that He has given light for darkness.
Ham Sa


  1. Nice picture of the full moon, Suz. I saw the moon rise as I drove home from work and it was gorgeous. I've never heard of that full moon ritual, but it sounds perfect.

  2. Ooh aah! I love that picture. Look at those colours.

  3. Wish I would have read that reminder before I went to bed last night. But then, I have to get some lavender oil.

  4. Wow, that moon has a nice backdrop there with those blues and ambers. I looked at the moon last night and it had a blue/green aura around it! Nice and clear photo, night shots still challenge me! I love your ritual here. I do many rituals myself and find them empowering! Always want more light in my life!

  5. wow Ladies I didn't think anyone would care about my ritual.
    My husband included...but I don't care...I do it for me.
    That photo was sent to me by a friend..don't know its origins,Bev.
    It is amazing how emotional it is letting go. So thankful for the light

  6. My Mum and I do rituals all the time. Thankful to be part of the cycle of things :)

  7. Love the full-moon. My guy and I were out for an evening walk holding hands and gazing at the full-moon. Pretty romantic for a couple of elders! He-he.


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