Thursday, November 19, 2009

Someone has already walked this path


I had to walk to the drugstore in the rain to get my daughter some cold medicine. I forgot how nice it is to walk on city streets. I had my trusty camera in my pocket,walking with eyes and heart open. And when you look at the world that way, you see.
There on the sidewalk before me were footprints in the concrete. COOL! I took 3 shots of the sidewalk before I drew a small crowd of senior citizens....what are you looking at? what's there? How could I explain to them that I had seen beauty in those footprints.
Whose were they?
How long had they been there?
How many people walked over them and never saw them?
So cool.
On the way back, I stopped and looked at them again. One footprint had slid. Wow, had it been fun or was it an oops?
Story, story,everywhere.

My daughter is miserable with a nasty cold she got from the grandkids who went to visit her. I was glad I was there to help her today. Maybe someday I'll tell her about the footprints....she wouldn't understand now.
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  1. Sorry about that cold. She sure doen't need that right now. Love the pictures you take of the everyday. I need to take a walk!


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