Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I wanted to draw the little girl shoe today. I was feeling a burst of creative energy that wanted release. You would think writing would do it for me, and it does, but painting or drawing has a special purpose for me, unlike writing. It's play. But today is not a day of play.
Today is a day set aside for prayer and reflection.
It is incredible how many hurting ones have come before me and wanted me to pray with them.
So today instead of lighting a candle inviting creative energy into the room. I will light a candle inviting God to hear my prayers for Sara, Elena, Robin, &Susan.
Their's are the very concerns of life. These are the times when we experience the other side of calling ourselves human. We suffer. But we are not alone. To have friends who pray for us is another blessing of being human....we are a tribe that circles the big tent.
So today I will paint on a spiritual plane. ....for my sisters.

The pods have opened and the seeds have sailed away like prayers.


  1. Thank you so much!! I am so grateful to know that you are there.

  2. Thank you Suz, you are WONDERFUL!

    I feel so thankful to have come across your friendship! Your prayers mean so much to me!

  3. I read your post on another blog about your kitty getting out the back door. Maybe one of these hints will help you keep that stinker inside.

    I don't know how the kitty feels about water, but if he lived at my house he'd be getting a face full of spray each and every time he approached the door. If water doesn't phase him, fill an empty coffee can with pebbles and shake it when you open the back door to make him scoot off.

    Cats outside is a scary thing for me. All too often they don't end up coming home and there isn't a happy ending...sigh.

  4. Sara,Robin,you are special to me ...isn't that a funny thing...but it is what it is
    Mimi..I have learned that my scooter out the dooer doesn't like plastic garbage bags...he's pretty cured of going out..just one look at a bag..and he's gone behind a chair
    I know how terrible a life is for an outside kitty....I feed a feral one named Handsome....he gets so sick and wounded...but he keeps coming to me for food most mornings...still can't go near him..thanks for the loving advice for my cat Webster

  5. Comfort. Such a nice word. Nice title for a dear post from you to all of us. My friend Chris just started radiation for her breast cancer. My prayers go out to her as she struggles through this difficult time. Suffer. So much in that word that we have no control over.

    Love and hugs to you...

  6. Thank you for your positive vibes. You are a wonderfully magical special woman.

  7. Thank you Dogwood, I will tell the Lord and whisper her name..that she not suffer....but be lifted up
    Elena,you are special to me,from the day I met you..I feel like your big sister...sometimes have to kick your butt ;)..but always there for you

  8. What a soothing blog today! Love the photo and the words about the pods. Very deep and meaningful and your dedication to others who need thoughts and prayers was thoughtful!

    The shoes may not always be there in the streets, but friends are forever!


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