Monday, November 2, 2009

For Uta

This was a door behind the Bistro. I can see gumdrops stuck to it and icing on the roof.
Sort of looks like a Hansel and Gretal door if you know what I mean. Maybe it was the padlock.
Anyway, I thought of Uta, our Aussie painter friend who inspired me to be on the look out for interesting doors and windows. The city is filled with images....but driver in chief wouldn't stop! "Go with your girlfriends when you have time." I should. What are you doing Bev?

And for anyone interested in the boring details of my I intend on sitting my butt in my writing room and getting my outline started. I guess you could say I have to walk through a door that has had a padlock on it.....hope there's no witch waiting for do me in......
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  1. Ooooh, I just LOVE doors & gates & windows. I never realized it until one day someone asked me why I had so many pics of doors & gates.
    Beautiful daughter (from what I could see through her fingers) and congrats! The blanket is gorgeous and fabulous cake. Wonderful pictures throughout.

    Now get your bootay into the writing room and stop procrastinating! SHOVE....

  2. I love how you discover these hidden places. A true creative investigative soul you are! I want to paint this door, may I? Can you imagine this in watercolor?
    Road trip, road trip! I'm always up for adventure.
    I wanted to stop and take a photo of a hawk (or falcon) perched high above on a light post. But driver said NO! So again road trip. I'm ready for adventure!
    Thanks for sharing the shower event. I felt I was there peeking over your shoulder! Your enthusiasm for life, I want to bottle it!

  3. P.S. And writing is not boring. If we don't tap into all of who we are, that restless spirit haunts us. Hm, still in Halloween mode, I guess!

  4. Ooooooooo wonderful door! ooooooooooo exciting day in the writing room!

  5. Go paint! And Bev, I wasn't kidding...let's go up north and shoot some city doors and gates and windows and some of the people...very interesting
    Now that my eye is open I see pictures everywhere..compositions everywhere.....
    I give to everyone..paint!

  6. Ooh how enchanting is that door? Don't worry about witches. They are good people who had some bad press. Witch means wise woman. How can that be bad???

  7. I'm back for another look at my door hehehe.

  8. I knew it!!!!!!! I am a witch
    Thanks Uta


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