Saturday, November 21, 2009



I have had these tree trunk fellas for about three years. When I first spotted them at TJMAXX, I had to rush to grab them and put them into my basket...another woman's eyes were widening. But I got there first.
Beauty,even at TJMAXX
More later, I HAVE to clean my house....someone(DH) reminded me that this week is Thanksgiving...Oh Lordie...can I get it all done?
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  1. Interesting looking faces. Don't you just love TJMAXX. One has just opened near by us in San Franicisco. Oh dear that could certainly be dangerous.

    Hope you got all done that was needed to get done today. You still have a few more days.

    Relax and enjoy the evening.

  2. Dogwood,my Zen moments happen at TJMXX!!
    Would you believe I didn't even get to watch TV today..daughter #2 had us up North looking at condos,then of course we had to feed them!
    Home now and it's 8pm
    oh well tomorrow is a new day

  3. I have a TJ Maxx down the street and I love it, but boy oh boy is it a dangerous place. So many cute things. I could totally relate to you snatching those tree trunk fellas before another shopper grabbed them. Last time I was at that store I was eyeing this very cool Buddha statue, but I turned my back on it for a few mintues and it was gone! I couldn't believe it. Learned my lesson.

  4. Lately I've been painting faces and images in trees and other nature elements so of course these wizard creatures grab me. They look like old souls from days long by. I love the magical whimsical touches that adorn your house. Are they big?

    P.S. Thought of you the other day, a cigarette wedged in the dirt between several gourds. But no shoes in the street, guess that's your story! ha, ha!

  5. Oh April they are wonderful indeed
    Godenbird..did you say down the street from you...oh that is very dangerous! Mine is about a mile away and stop there about once a week...I missed a great Buddha for the garden myself this year...tried to buy it out of the lady's deal
    Relyn, They are marvelous old elfish tree trunk heads that I think could bestow wisdom to me if I'd only just ask them
    Bev...gourds and ciggies..hahaha
    no they aren't big...and no you can't have them


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